Friday, January 31, 2014

New Valentine goodies!

Happy Friday friends!! Today I wanted to share with you some new goodies I picked up last week. I've actually gotten to play with some of them too!!

We have a pretty normal weekend ahead, which I'm looking forward too :) and are going to end it with watching the super bowl. What are your plans??

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Polka dot gift card bags.

Hello there!! How are you doing?? Things are great here, still working on my 14 week deep clean, I'm a couple of weeks ahead because Mike and I will be out of town next week, but that's okay.

A couple of weeks ago, both girls had birthday parties in the same weekend. To make it easy, both recipients got gift cards. Haha! I wrapped them up in my favorite gift bags and decorated the fronts according to recipient age ;)

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Day coloring.

Morning!! Today I wanted to share with you some coloring I have been working on

Two weeks ago I stamped the Papertrey images out and then ran out of time :)

This past weekend I grabbed my stamped images and some markers and worked on coloring while we caught up on some TV shows :)

Hope you are having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chicago album cover.

Happy Tuesday!! I meant to get this post up yesterday, but I was busy in a fort, having a tea party ;)   You know how it is. Haha!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had purchased a Sn@p album to use for our Chicago trip. I picked it up on clearance at Hobby Lobby along with some other goodies for it for a great deal!

Anyway, last weekend I finally got all of the pictures organized and the memorabilia. That was the easy part. Then I whipped out a cover.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lunchbox notes.

Hello Wednesday, I'm sure happy you're here!  Today I wanted to share some lunchbox notes I made for the girls.  I periodically make a stash of these to throw in Landry's lunch.  Well yesterday I decided to throw one in Abie's binder (since she buys her lunch at school).  She loved it!

These cards started out at 2.5 x 2.5 purple polka dots with flowers.  I quickly covered them with black card stock and then embellished them with post it note flags.  I stamped a few different sentiments and added some fun embellishments on a couple.  So quick and simple, but the girls love them!

That's it for me today.  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and I appreciate the visit!!  Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, January 13, 2014

14 Week Deep Clean.

Good morning and happy Monday to you!  I wanted to pop in for a minute and tell you guys what I was working on last week.  It was not craft related :(  It was clean related.  Ha.

Do you remember me mentioning back in the fall that I was doing An Organized Christmas?  It was a six week program aimed at organizing all the Christmas "stuff" so that when December rolls around you are all ready and can completely enjoy the holiday.  Well, it worked and I loved it.

There is also a website called Organized Home which I've been obsessing following and starting this week they have a fourteen week Grand Plan Cleaning Challenge.  Basically, instead of doing all of your spring cleaning in a weekend or two, like I usually do, you work on one room a week and at the end of the fourteen weeks, it's all done.  You get everything done BEFORE spring, so when the weather is nice out, you can go out and enjoy!

This week is entry way week.

I cleaned EVERYTHING!  Blinds, window, curtains, baseboards, front door, walls, wall hangings, floor, etc. 

Then I cleaned out the coat closet and cleaned the baseboards in there too.

I also did the staircase and woodwork, because I don't think it's listed on another week and you can totally see it from the front door :)

Now this week I also did our living room, A) because it's not that big B) because it's right off the entry C) because it's next week challenge and D) because we have a volleyball tournament next weekend.  Hahahaha!

Now we don't come in through our front door.  We come in through our garage door.  We have a hall tree back there and I just recently, within the last two months, cleaned out the baskets and big seat part of it.  So I was confused as to whether or not I should be cleaning that entry as well, because honestly, it's WAY dirtier than the front entry.  Especially with all of the salt and sand we've been tracking in right there.  I think I'll clean it with kitchen day or garage day. 

That's it for me today.  I have more to say about this, but I'm going to save it for another post :)  Thanks for stopping by and I'll check in with you later!  Have an awesome Monday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 1

Hey there! Happy Tuesday :)  Today I wanted to share with you my cover page and first week of Project Life for 2014.  That still sounds so weird to me.

I'm using the Kraft Edition this year and I love it so far.  I'm sure I'll grow sick of it after a few months, but for right now I love it :)

Here's my cover page.  I followed the kit's example exactly and love it.  I used simple handwritten journaling, which I've gotten better at becoming okay with over the years.

Here is week one.  I started my week on Wednesday, the first.  I felt like I needed it to being in January rather than waiting until this Sunday.  I added a little sticky flag and some washi to the title card because one thing about the Kraft Edition is that the title cards are VERY plain.  I took the third picture out for this week, it was of Abie's volleyball team :)

I've already started on week two and even have one of my pictures printed.  I find it helps me keep on track if I work ahead a bit.

So that's it for today.  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you for stopping by today!  See you soon!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Grateful mini book.

Happy Friday!  First Friday of 2014.  Big plans for you tonight?  Not here.  Abie's first tournament of the season is tomorrow and we have to be up early for that, so it will be an early night for us tonight :)

Today I wanted to share with you the finished mini book I made from our grateful project in November.  Remember THIS POST?  Well I took after we filled them up, I took the baggies and turned them into this:

A very simple little mini book, filled with a months worth of statements about what each of us is grateful for.  I. love. this.

I punched holes in each of the envelopes, and then measured and cut a cardstock front and back cover.

Look at how much we have to be grateful for!!  Makes me so happy :)

Here's another pic of the cover.

And here's a look at my process.  Whenever I start a project, I go shopping in my stash.  I pull out everything that "might" look good and pile it on my table.  Then I get to work :)  How do you work?

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!  See you soon!

P.S.  my blog header is GONE!  Does anyone know what's up with this?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Did you have a good time ringing in 2014?  I almost missed it.  I dozed off on the couch somewhere between 11-11:30 and then woke up just in time :)  My mom and dad came out and we fixed snacks and watched movies.  It was a great  night.  Then Mike fixed biscuits and gravy this morning.  After my parents left, we took down the last tree and got the house right back to normal.  I love putting the decorations up, but I love taking them down.  Feels like a fresh, clean start to the year for me!

Today I wanted to share with you my Filofax layout for this year.  I've been using the lined weekly inserts from Filofax and, at times, I find I don't have a enough room to write.  Especially my to do lists.  So I did some research and I came up with the day per page inserts from Franklin Covey.

On the left page is a timed column and a check list area and on the right is basically a piece of notepaper for lists.  I think it will work great for my Project Life lists, but the pages take up so much room I can only have three months at a time in here.  For those times when I have to make appointments for the future, I also have monthly calendars in here too.  I decorated all the days for this week with washi, which took a bit of time rather than the old pages.  We'll see how I like this and if I get confused with it :)  I love a new calendar for the new year.  What about you?

We're heading over to mom and dad's this afternoon for black eyed peas, they give you good luck you know, right JULIE??  :)  Then I'm headed back to work tomorrow.  It's been a wonderful break for me.  I wish you all the best in the new year and hope you'll stick around with me :)  See you soon and have a great Wednesday!