Monday, January 13, 2014

14 Week Deep Clean.

Good morning and happy Monday to you!  I wanted to pop in for a minute and tell you guys what I was working on last week.  It was not craft related :(  It was clean related.  Ha.

Do you remember me mentioning back in the fall that I was doing An Organized Christmas?  It was a six week program aimed at organizing all the Christmas "stuff" so that when December rolls around you are all ready and can completely enjoy the holiday.  Well, it worked and I loved it.

There is also a website called Organized Home which I've been obsessing following and starting this week they have a fourteen week Grand Plan Cleaning Challenge.  Basically, instead of doing all of your spring cleaning in a weekend or two, like I usually do, you work on one room a week and at the end of the fourteen weeks, it's all done.  You get everything done BEFORE spring, so when the weather is nice out, you can go out and enjoy!

This week is entry way week.

I cleaned EVERYTHING!  Blinds, window, curtains, baseboards, front door, walls, wall hangings, floor, etc. 

Then I cleaned out the coat closet and cleaned the baseboards in there too.

I also did the staircase and woodwork, because I don't think it's listed on another week and you can totally see it from the front door :)

Now this week I also did our living room, A) because it's not that big B) because it's right off the entry C) because it's next week challenge and D) because we have a volleyball tournament next weekend.  Hahahaha!

Now we don't come in through our front door.  We come in through our garage door.  We have a hall tree back there and I just recently, within the last two months, cleaned out the baskets and big seat part of it.  So I was confused as to whether or not I should be cleaning that entry as well, because honestly, it's WAY dirtier than the front entry.  Especially with all of the salt and sand we've been tracking in right there.  I think I'll clean it with kitchen day or garage day. 

That's it for me today.  I have more to say about this, but I'm going to save it for another post :)  Thanks for stopping by and I'll check in with you later!  Have an awesome Monday!


  1. Good for you! I'll have to check out that website.

  2. Awesome!! It's always nice to have a plan. We are the same, always entering through the garage and rarely use our front door(s). It looks fantastic. My coat closet could use an overhaul!

  3. i love to do the deep cleaning. I am starting this week with the living room!

  4. I should definitely start something like little duplex could so use it. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!

  5. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THIS! Your entry way looks awesome!

    I am totally pinning it for future use! Breaking it down this way just seems so much easier than trying to do it all in one weekend!

  6. Oh...I SO NEED to do this! I need to deep clean everything, but as I'm home sick today, I think I'll stay in bed and read, and try the cleaning thing another day! lol.....your cleaning looks amazing and I'm gonna have to go follow that blog! Have a great day Beck!! :D

  7. Looks great Becky!!!
    I used to take a week and totally deep clean that room for the week…..its been awhile, lol.
    We don't normally use our front door either. Thankfully as Wayne's work boots are always so dirty. I tease him that he is the only guy that carries in dirt in the middle of the winter, lol.

  8. That is awesome! I so pinned that challenge and started following that blog on bloglovin!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Headed to the cleaning site now
    Have a trip planned for the extra long weekend I m making this weekend but maybe a start next week
    Loudly love to have spring free

  10. I so wish I could get my act together to do this. A little at a time is so much better than a marathon. But why clean when you can be papercrafting????? Easier for me being single. I just have to scramble when someone comes over. But I vow, when I buy a house again, I really want to follow this idea. :)