Monday, December 22, 2014

Inside the envelopes.

Can you believe it's the Monday before Christmas?  This holiday season has flown by faster than any one I've ever experienced before.  I seriously feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going, it's been that crazy!!

I was able to finish up the inside pages of my New Orleans envelope mini last week and I just LOVE it!!

My opening pages were our flight itinerary and the pamphlet from the ghost tour we took our first night.  I also included the envelope from our hotel that held our key card :)

Under our itinerary I left plenty of room for journaling.

The next page I have several photos I pulled off my blog :)  I added a few embellishments here.

The next page I left more room for journaling and inside that envelope are some miscellaneous papers from our trip we picked up, which is what I loved MOST about this style of book!

The next page I incorporated a map, but left it so you could still open it up...

And then added another little embellishment.

On the last page, I included the tickets from the game we went to and a little more room for journaling.

And last, a little tag, made with love :)

So, for deleting all my photos, not too bag.  Thank goodness for the blog!!  Now to just get my journaling done.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday and an absolutely fantastic week ahead!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Orleans Mini Envelope Book

Almost a year ago, Mike and I went to New Orleans and I'm just now getting around to the mini book!  I found THIS on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect way to display my (minimal because I deleted all my photos) from our trip. 

Here's the cover :)  I love those kraft doilies!  I found those in the Christmas section at Michael's!!

And here's a side view. I'm still working on the embellishments on the inside pages, so I'm hoping to finish those up and get them posted next week!! 

Thanks for looking today and I'll see you next week :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pencil Gift Card Holder.

 Awhile back I saw the cutest gift card holder, on Pinterest maybe, made out of a pencil holder.  When back to school supplies rolled around, I snapped one up for like 25 cents!!

Here's the outside all done up :)

And then the inside!!  I love how this turned out!!

Thanks for stopping in today and happy Wednesday :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Christmas tags this year.

Happy Friday everyone!  You know, some years life gets in the way and your blog suffers ;). When it came to wrapping Christmas gifts this year though, I still wanted to make some sort of hand crafted tag. I just needed something quick, and simple.

I opted for Kraft tags and red ink, to coordinate with the fab red Kraft paper I scored at Michaels!! (Hint, buy this in the birthday section, it's cheaper and you get twice as much as the Christmas section!)

I added a little baker's twine to the packages and I was finished! Super simple, but definitely the look I was going for!!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and thanks for stopping by today!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas dividers.

Since we're officially in December, I feel like I can post Christmas projects now :)

I made these Christmas dividers for my planner, back when I made the last set of dividers, but didn't start using them until the 1st :) I also switched back into my red Metropol, it's so festive!!

I made these exact dividers last year, but since they weren't laminated, the tabs kind of got torn up. So this year, I used the same paper and layout and then ran them through the laminator. I love how they turned out!!

Now every time I check my to do list or look at my calendar I feel all Christmasy!!

Thanks for popping in today!! Hope you're having an awesome week so far :)