Friday, December 19, 2014

New Orleans Mini Envelope Book

Almost a year ago, Mike and I went to New Orleans and I'm just now getting around to the mini book!  I found THIS on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect way to display my (minimal because I deleted all my photos) from our trip. 

Here's the cover :)  I love those kraft doilies!  I found those in the Christmas section at Michael's!!

And here's a side view. I'm still working on the embellishments on the inside pages, so I'm hoping to finish those up and get them posted next week!! 

Thanks for looking today and I'll see you next week :)


  1. Oh no about deleting your photos! The book looks really cute. I love the cover and you know I share your love of doilies!! You always find the best ones!!!

  2. I just love this idea! What a great job! So sorry about your photos...

  3. Fun! Except the deleting photos part.

  4. Oh no…the photos got deleted!!! This makes me so sad.
    I hope you had posted them on FB or your blog.
    You mini album looks awesome.
    I really like the front and that doily is perfect…looking forward to seeing the inside :)

  5. Yikes that your photos got deleted! I've done that before...Your album looks awesome regardless of how many photos you have! Such a clever idea

  6. I have lost all the digital files from a trip that Zach and I took with my parents in makes me ill every time I think about it. Fortunately, I had already scrapped the trip for my mom, so all is not lost, but oh how I miss having those pics. Your mini ended up looking fantastic!