Friday, March 29, 2013

Project Life weeks 10 & 11

Happy Friday everyone!!  We made it to the end of another week and another month.  Can you believe it's already the end of March?  Man, this year is flying by.  I'm ready for the warmer weather, but dang it's going by fast!

Today I'm sharing Project Life weeks 10 and 11.

I'm still experimenting with my cards.  Still wishing I would have bought a different kit for this year, but I'm making it work ;)

More of the same for week #11.  Honestly, I'm kind of bored with my layouts, when I look at them on the blog, but when I see them in the layout, I LOVE them.  So that's good, right?  Haha!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Our big birthday, spring, Easter party is tomorrow!!  Then we're celebrating Easter with just the four of us.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll see you  back here on Monday.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going away tag.

Yeah for weekend eve!!!  I woke up yesterday thinking it was today so I'm really happy that today is actually today.  Completely confused now?  Haha! 

Abie has a friend that is moving away, not just to another school, but to another state :(  We picked up a little gift for her this weekend and I made this tag for the bag.

I didn't have a tag that was the right color, so I just trimmed some patterned paper to 2 1/4 to 3 1/4 and rounded the corners, then embellished away!!

Thanks for popping in today!  I hope you have a fab Thursday :)  See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Wednesday and happy WOYWW to you!!  I'm sharing my workdesk today over at JULIA'S BLOG along with a ton of other crafters!

Head over to Julia's blog and check out all the fun, crafty desks!!

That's it for me today.  I'm working late tonight, but then I'll get to leave early on Friday :)  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully with this finished project...  :)  Have a beautiful Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little birthday tag.

Morning!  Landry had a birthday party to go this Sunday and I waited until the last minute to get the present wrapped and make a tag.  So when I finally got to it, I had a limited amount of time...

This tag came together super quick!  Just what I needed :)  I was picturing something pink and frilly, but that didn't match the bag.  Haha!

So you know how I posted about Twitter?  Well, thanks to my friend MARY PAT, she helped me realize my link was just to the Twitter home page and not to MY account.  So, if you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @beckyg1121  Check me out and if you're on Twitter, I'll follow you back :)

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!  I'm hopeful this snow is going to melt...  for good...  :)  See you tomorrow and thanks for popping in!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun organization.

I've been looking for some old dishes for organizing small embellishments.  Enter Mom.  She texted me the other day and had found what I was looking for at an antique mall and then, in the midst of our conversation said, I have something like this at the house!

I'm using the divided storage for some of my newest, smaller, embellishments.  The green dish I used last week when I was working on THESE CARDS.  I die cut the tags and then had them in the dish rather than laying out all over my desk top.  It made it somewhat more organized, and we all know how am I am about a neat desktop!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday!  If you didn't see my post yesterday, check me out on TWITTER.  My account is private now, but that's because of work :)

I'll see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


So I was going to try and post a widget/gadget somewhere on my blog with a link to my Twitter account, but the one I tried didn't work.  So I'm going to do this the old fashioned way :)

Here's a link to my TWITTER.  Come follow me if you want.  Haha!  I haven't tweeted a whole lot, but am hoping to up my game a little more.  Especially since I'm throwing this out there ;)  I set my account to private today, for work reasons.  I didn't realize that you could find me on Twitter by searching my first and last name until Friday.  Not that I'm tweeting anything inappropriate...  I just don't want my clients finding me, or the links to my blog, which I plan on tweeting from now on.

So, here's to Twitter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some happy mail.

Happy Friday!  So happy it's the end of the week.  We don't have a lot going on this weekend and after the busy weekend last week, I'm grateful for that!

Last week my friend TRACY sent me some surprise happy mail!  I was so surprised when I got home and found this package!  Here's what she sent me:

 Check out all those awesome stamps and the 6x6 paper pad!  She also included some fun rainbow colored pencils for my girls and thought they could share those and the stamps :)  So sweet of her to think of my babies :)  Love her!  She also sent a yummy chocolate bar (not pictured because it's been eaten.  Haha!)

Tracy sent this card too.  If you have ever been to her blog, you know she makes the most amazingly beautiful cards!  This particular card, I commented on and told her I thought it might be my favorite card of hers she had made.  Little did I know it was being sent to me!

That's it for me today.  Between these goodies from Tracy and the order I picked up from Two Peas a couple of weeks ago, I've got a lot of new things to keep me busy!  Tomorrow we've got a few errands to run and then on Sunday we have a birthday party and practice.  I'm hoping to play catch up on the house/laundry and get some much needed crafty time in too! 

Thanks for stopping in today.  I really do hope you have a fantastic Friday and beautiful weekend!  See you soon!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring invitations.

Hello weekend eve!  How are you guys?  Things are good here.  I was able to finish up some invitations I've been working on all week!

I picked out seven different pastel cardstock bases and seven different springy patterned papers.  Then I die cut out a lot of tags and spent a bit of time stringing them onto some twine and popping them up with pop dots.

To finish the cards off, I stamped the sentiment on some graph paper and popped it up with some foam tape too.

We're having a spring party in a week, over at Mom and Dad's to celebrate all the birthday's, Easter and just the end of winter!  I think these cards will be a great way to let everyone know about the party!!

Thanks for stopping by today :)  I'll be back tomorrow with a little storage post!  See you then and have a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

What's going on.

Hey there!  I've been a little busy around here.  Friday night Abie had an extra practice then we went out to dinner.  Saturday morning we picked the house up and did some laundry then ran a few errands.  That afternoon I met up with a couple of friends and had a great time!  Landry had her first sleepover that night, away from our house, with a non-family member!  Sunday morning Mike, Abie and I got up early and headed to her volleyball tournament.  It was a long day.  The girls wore green socks with their uniforms though :)

I've had no time in the craft room :(  Tonight I got in there for a little bit but it was to write out thank you cards, from my birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago!  I had grand plans to make new thank yous, even had a sketch, but I've just run out of time.  I also have some invitations I need to make, trying to figure out when I'm going to fit those in.

We have a much less busy week this week, so I'm hoping to get a few things at least started this week.  What have you been up to?

Thanks for stopping by for a quick update :)  See you soon!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new card.

Hey there!!  I'm back today with a new card, that has some of my fun, new goodies on it!

This was such a simple card to make as I used a journaling card for the main focal point.  I needed a quick thank you for one of Abie's birthday gifts and this was perfect. 

I had the best day yesterday :)  I left work and got my hair cut and then met Mike and the girls at the mall.  We did some quick spring shopping and when I got home I had an awesome package from my friend TRACY!!  Nothing like a surprise from a friend to make you smile, right?  Then after dinner we all headed up to the craft room to work on various school and craft projects.  Even Mike joined in, helping the girls with their school things.  Tonight is a typical Thursday, work then grocery store :)  I hope you have a great Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by to see me and I'll be back tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Good Wednesday morning!  I'm linking up over at JULIA'S BLOG to share my work space today.  It looks fantastic too!!

Check out this clean desk!!!  I can't even tell you how happy this desk makes me right now, except for the fact that I'm not working on a project and that list on the left there are all the things I need to work on!  Haha!  What is on your work desk today?

I'm hoping to get into my craft room tonight.  No practice, no grocery store, only laundry on the agenda, so prospects look promising!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow with a new card.  Have a beautiful Wednesday my friends :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life week 9

Hey there!  Happy Monday and day after daylight savings.  Oy!  Does anyone else feel like they need to go back to bed?  I'm usually good after a few days, but those first couple of days are rough for me :) 

Today I'm sharing week 9 of my Project Life. 

Nothing super spectacular here.  I try to work on this every Sunday afternoon, while Abie is at practice and Landry and I are hanging out at home.  That didn't happen this weekend though.  I sat this Sunday while they were gone.  Haha!  I'm serious.  I sat.  I didn't feel the crafty bug at all, so I didn't push it and didn't really even step foot into my craft room. 

A quick post for me today.  I'm hoping to make it back tomorrow to share a card with you guys.  Until then, have a beautiful Monday and thanks for stopping by to check in!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Peas Haul!

Happy Thursday everyone!  A couple of weeks ago, when I was home during a snow day, I was browsing the store over at Two Peas and I thought, what would happen if I just put everything in basket that I wanted?  I wonder how much my total would be?  Well, I did that and it wasn't that bad.  So I went ahead and placed my order.  Then, it arrived on my birthday!!

I picked up these Echo Park journaling spots and stickers.  I love the colors and sister references.  Perfect for my girls and maybe I'll make a card for my sister too :)  

Lots of fun things here!  Some Jenni Bowlin playing cards, Maya Road stick pins, Jenni Bowlin feather tags, Simple Stories journaling cards and Jenni Bowlin price tags.

I found these Chic Tags, kind of by accident, but so glad I did!  One set was already cut and the other was on a solid sheet that you trim out yourself.  I also picked up these Amy Tangerine adhesive velum envelopes!

 See!  :)

I ordered the Maggie Holmes ephemra pack and holy cow, it was FULL of awesome goodies!  I really love all of the pieces!!

I grabbed this 6x6 paper pad, love the colors and patterns, great for spring and summer!

Then, because I had purchased the Simple Stories journaling pad, I got a free Simple Stories 6x6 paper pad.  This is not one I would have bought for myself, but I was really excited about it because I need to make a couple of birthday cards for my nephews!

So, that's my haul!  I cleaned my desk off last night, rearranged some things, found a spot for my new washi storage, which may or may not be permanent AND found my scissors!  Now, I'm ready to create, with all of my new stuff!!

Thanks for coming by today.  I hope you have the best of Thursdays possible!!  I'll be back tomorrow :)  See you then!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It's Wednesday and that means that it's time for WOYWW!  The day of the week when everyone gathers at JULIA'S BLOG to share what their desks look like.

Here's mine for today.

This is pretty messy for me.  I currently CAN'T find my scissors.    So frustrating because I really want to cut out that sentiment that's stamped right there, but I can't...  I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic.  My desk top is pretty big, but I've got so much crap on it right now, I just want to clean it all off and start from scratch!  Ha!

So, what are you working on today?  Are you feeling claustrophobic like me or are you all nice and tidy?  I didn't get a chance to craft last night, but I did sketch out some cards in my notebook while sitting at Abie's practice.  So maybe tonight I'll clear off some space and get to work!!

Thanks for stopping in and I'll see you back here tomorrow!  Have a super fab Wednesday ;)   

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another felt card.

Hello there :)  Today I'm going to share with you another card I made with a felt die cut using the Papertrey Ink felt that I talked about HERE.  The die I used on this one was a bit more intricate and you know what, it worked just as awesome!

I was really happy with how cleanly the more intricate dies cut with this felt.

That's about it for me today.  Abie has practice tonight, after the last two Tuesday practices being canceled due to snow.  I have a whole list of crafty things I'm wanting to work on.  I was able to get in my craft room last night and work on some of it :)  Weeknight crafting doesn't happen a whole lot, so when it does it makes me VERY happy!  

Thanks for swinging by today and I'll be back here tomorrow.  Until then, have a terrific Tuesday ;) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Washi storage and feather a la Two Peas!

Happy Monday!!!  Did you have a good weekend?  Ours flew by and I wish I had one extra day :)  Mike had to work on Saturday, a rare occurrence for him, but I think that's part of the reason why the weekend felt like it went by so fast!

The girls and I did some shopping Saturday morning and I ran across a spice rack that I had heard about on Two Peas.  I was SO excited, because the original poster said she found hers at TJ Maxx, but when I checked there, they didn't have them.  I found mine at Gordman's for $9.99!!!

 This is a picture of the spice rack from the side.

 The two sides pull out...

 And swivel.  I'm not sure if I'll be using the swivel feature very much or not, but it's kind of cool :)  This spice rack will hold about 52 rolls of washi tape.  The only tapes that didn't fit width ways were the SMASH tapes.  Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put this thing.  Haha!

I saw this really cool idea on Two Peas too!  Washi feathers!  I cut off a piece of wire and taped my washi on both sides.  Then trimmed it so it was feather shaped.  The last thing was to cut slits up each side to make it look feathery :)  So easy and cute!  I'm interested to see how this looks on a project, before I make more!

Do you ever get ideas from websites like Two Peas that you try out? I love to get inspiration and ideas from other places :)

Thanks for stopping by to see me today and I hope you have the most beautiful of Monday's!  I'll be back tomorrow with...something.  See you then! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Life week 8.

It's Friday and it's March!!!!  Yay!!!  I'm sharing week 8 of my Project Life today.  I finally figured out my collage pictures too!

The Selphy has a border feature and when I clicked border, it printed the out the pictures like you see above!  I also figured out that if I turned my grid cards over, I could journal on the backs of them.  Duh, I know.  But they are solid colors and it just didn't occur to me to journal on those too.  Until now.  This was a regular breakthrough week for me.  Hahahaha!

What do you have going on this weekend?  Tomorrow is my birthday so we're going out to dinner to celebrate.  Other than that, we have no plans :)  I'm hoping that the sun comes out to help melt some of this snow!!  Thanks for stopping in today and I hope you have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!  See you soon!!