Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life week 9

Hey there!  Happy Monday and day after daylight savings.  Oy!  Does anyone else feel like they need to go back to bed?  I'm usually good after a few days, but those first couple of days are rough for me :) 

Today I'm sharing week 9 of my Project Life. 

Nothing super spectacular here.  I try to work on this every Sunday afternoon, while Abie is at practice and Landry and I are hanging out at home.  That didn't happen this weekend though.  I sat this Sunday while they were gone.  Haha!  I'm serious.  I sat.  I didn't feel the crafty bug at all, so I didn't push it and didn't really even step foot into my craft room. 

A quick post for me today.  I'm hoping to make it back tomorrow to share a card with you guys.  Until then, have a beautiful Monday and thanks for stopping by to check in!


  1. this looks super!!
    i also didnt go into my scrap room at all on sunday- it was so beautiful we spent the entire day outside.

  2. Great page! It's documented and there's always next week to be crafty! I am not a fan of springing forward. There is just something so wrong about losing a whole hour and it really messes me up. I'd much rather gain an hour than lose one. :)

  3. Great page, Becky, with some cute photos!
    Love those labels!

    The time change majorly throws me off, too.
    I actually did go back to bed for an hour this morning after the kids went off to school. We all had the crankies for sure!

  4. Sometimes you need those days to just sit and do nothing. Your project life looks great!

  5. Another great page. Love the photos of your girls :)
    As for the time change..I was in a different time zone when the time changed, so I was confused already, lol.
    Plus got a lot of sleep on the drive ;)

  6. Ah! It looks great!

    Some days you just need to sit. Like today, I'm not doing much, just sitting.

    The time change really messed me up. But more because AJ changed the clocks - and I forgot to tell him that the kitchen clock is supposed to be a little ahead so I get to work on time. Guess who missed her train after the change? Me!

  7. Great PL page. Love the pictures-the snow one looks dang cold.