Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas dividers.

Since we're officially in December, I feel like I can post Christmas projects now :)

I made these Christmas dividers for my planner, back when I made the last set of dividers, but didn't start using them until the 1st :) I also switched back into my red Metropol, it's so festive!!

I made these exact dividers last year, but since they weren't laminated, the tabs kind of got torn up. So this year, I used the same paper and layout and then ran them through the laminator. I love how they turned out!!

Now every time I check my to do list or look at my calendar I feel all Christmasy!!

Thanks for popping in today!! Hope you're having an awesome week so far :)


  1. your dividers look great!
    great idea to use the laminator!

  2. These are so fun…I love those papers.
    I can see getting all festive every time you open up you planner :)
    Great idea to laminate them as well

  3. Very pretty, and you've given me an idea I can put to use right away. Thanks.

  4. These are so cute!! Laminators are so handy to have. I rarely use mine but when I need it, I'm happy i have it.