Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chicago album cover.

Happy Tuesday!! I meant to get this post up yesterday, but I was busy in a fort, having a tea party ;)   You know how it is. Haha!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had purchased a Sn@p album to use for our Chicago trip. I picked it up on clearance at Hobby Lobby along with some other goodies for it for a great deal!

Anyway, last weekend I finally got all of the pictures organized and the memorabilia. That was the easy part. Then I whipped out a cover.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!!


  1. love your cover!!! can't wait to see some of the pages

  2. That cover is awesome! Tea party in a fort sounds like a great way to spend the day!

  3. The cover is soooo stinkin cute...I can't wait to see how you fill the Smash Book. I would so love to head back there!!!

  4. Just love the cover. I love my smash book. Can't wait to see some of the pages.

  5. Yeah! Gotta love a good deal. Looks awesome. Can't wait to watch your progress. :)

  6. I miss tea parties in a fort…maybe I'll have one by myself tomorrow ;)
    Your cover is great for your album.
    I love the card that you used, perfect!
    Looking forward to seeing the inside pages :)

  7. Brilliant! Bright cheery cover! I think I'll have to be a copy cat and do our New England vacation from '11 in a 6x8!

  8. A tea party in a fort sounds wonderful!

    The cover is awesome, I can't wait to see what you did for the rest of the album!!

  9. Love it -
    Just picked up almost the same products for our Arizona trip!

    Cant wait to see whats udder the cover !!