Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Life Week 7

Well I'm not sure what our total number of inches was, but it's definitely in the double digits.  Ew.  Ready for spring people!!  :)

Today I'm sharing week #7 of Project Life!

So the one thing I want to talk about this week is the picture down in the bottom left corner.  I took both pictures with my phone, a Droid Razr.  Then I have this app on my phone called Photo Grid that I make a collage with.  You can add, I think, up to four photos.  Then I have the Canon Easy Photo Print app on my phone, this automatically pulls up all the photos from my phones library, including the ones from the Photo Grid app.  I click on which ones I want to print and out they pop on my Selphy photo printer!  I also printed one that had four pics on it, but it cut the heads off of a couple of people, so I'm working on that :)  But, I love this app!  It's a great way to get more pics in my PL weekly layouts!!

Yesterday was kind of a blur.  After Mike got home, he and the neighbors went out with the snow blower and cleared a bunch of driveways up and down the street :)  all while the kids played together.  It was so awesome!  I just love our street and our neighbors.  The girls and Mike came in about 4:00 and got warm and we fixed dinner and were in for the night.  Mike is back at work today and the girls and I are home again.  Tomorrow night is Abie's birthday party, a sleepover :)  four eleven year old girls and even Landry is having a friend over!  Mike and I might need our ear plugs! 

I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Friday.  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you soon!!


  1. pl looking awesome!!!

    jack got a snow day today-- tons of ice here. we are going to hang out!!

  2. Love your pages and I think the colored ink on the pages really adds a pop...I may have to invest in some of those...hmmmm. Good luck with the sleepover....hope you manage to get some sleep!

  3. It's always great having good neighbors, love your PL pages will have to look into the Canon App and Selphy printer I need a new one soon :)

  4. Love all your colorful journaling! Cute pictures too! Your neighborhood sounds like a nice place to live!!

  5. Your project life is looking awesome! That was so sweet of Mike and your neighbors to clear the snow, it sounds like you have a great neighborhood!

    That is cool that you got a snow day! We had almost no snow - but I'm home sick today anyway ;)

  6. That is so cool about your photo printer.
    Mine is the older version, so I can't do that :(
    I can make the collages and such,but I too have trouble getting what I want in the frame when I re size my photos.
    Great PL pages..still haven't worked on mine. Planning on watching the boob tube today, so hopefully get a good start on it.
    Glad your girls enjoyed the can have ours ;)