Thursday, February 21, 2013

I was tagged! 25 things you have to know about me...or not.

Well, it appears they were right...this time.  It is currently snowing and they are pretty sure we're going to get near a foot.  I'm still skeptical about the amount :)

A couple of days ago, by bloggy friend JULIE tagged me in this fun post!  I met Julie through KATIE and have loved getting to know her.  She's a photographer, a scrapbooker, a Project Lifer, a Mom and oh so funny!  You should totally stop by her blog!

Today I'm playing along.
  1. Where were you born? Kansas City, MO

2. Were you named after someone? Yes, my paternal grandmother, whom I never had a chance to meet, but have heard great things about!  :)

3. If you have children, how many do you have? I have two beautiful girls.  They are funny and smart and wonderful!  (ask me again about this when A. middle school starts and B. puberty sets in)

4. How many pets do I have? We have a very large dog, Murray.  He's half lab, half St Bernard and thinks he can sit in your lap.  Such a sweet boy though.  Abie recently bought a lizard, a bearded dragon, with her Christmas money, and his name is Larry.  He's a pretty sweet boy too :)

5. What was your worst injury? Um, can't really think of anything.  One time in college my friends and I were walking up the three flights of concrete stairs up to our apartment and I tripped and scrapped up my shin really bad.  That hurt pretty bad.  Lame, I know, but that's all I've got.

6. Do I have a special talent? As an adult, no.  As a kid I could play you a song on my nose.  This involved humming a tune and flipping my finger on my right nostril.  Hahahahaha!

7. What's your favorite thing to bake?  Four ingredient chocolate chip cookies!  I can actually bake really well, I'm just lazy.  Ooohh, I also love to make banana bread! 

8. What's your favorite fastfood? It really depends on my mood.  Love a turkey sandwich from Subway, Burger King cheeseburger, mexi melt from Taco Bell or Papa Murphy's Pizza!!!

9. Would I bungee jump? Hmmm, maybe.  Slightly more possible if Mike were with me.

10. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their disposition.  Then their shoes.

11. When was the last time I cried? Last week, specifically Monday.  I was having a really rough time with side effects from my medicine and worried it wasn't working.  So grateful things are under control and back to normal now!!

12. Any current worries? Yes, worried about Mike making it home safely :)

13. Name three drinks you drink regularly.  One cup of coffee in the AM, water the rest of the day.  Bo-Ring!

14. What is your favorite book? I don't really have one.  I read a lot, and kind of go in cycles, reading all sorts of different things.  Right now I'm not reading anything though.

15. Would you like to be a pirate? No thank you. 

16. What are your favorite smells? A clean house, clean laundry, a spring morning!!!!

17. Why do you blog? I started blogging to share my cards and creations, but now I've made so many friends, I love to check in with them, pretty much daily, to chat or see what they're up to!

18. What song do you want played at your funeral?   Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Kahn!  I love that song!

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Probably that I worry too much.  I worry about everything.

20. What is your favorite hobby? Papercrafting :)  I love to make cards, scrapbook, stamp on paper, all of it!

21. What do you look for in a friend? A sense of humor!  I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh too, so that's numero uno on the list!

22. Name something you have done you never thought you would do.  Get married.  I pictured my life totally different, but I LOVE it!!

23. What are your favorite things to do? Hang out with Mike and the girls, the neighbors, in the driveway on a warm summer night, with some adult beverages, and watch the kids play.

24. Any pet peeves? Yes, I'm annoyed by everything.  Haha!

25. What's the last thing that made you laugh? Yesterday at work, we had a discussion about one of the Unit Supervisors and how he owns all these gold cars.  Like a fleet of them.  Enough to start his own used car lot.  They are ALL painted GOLD!  Then my friend says, do you think he took them to Macco and said, "paint my fleet gold!"  We laughed so hard!!!!  

This was fun :)  Thanks for sticking around, if you did.  I'm supposed to tag some people, but you know I always take the chicken way out.  Haha!  If you want to play around, that's AWESOME!  Let me know if you answer the questions, I'd love to learn more about you!!  

On to other business.  Last week, or maybe it was the week before, I got a package in the mail from my bloggy friend MARY JO!!  She was doing a fun exchange with some of her friends that included her favorite things and she was giving away one of the boxes to one of her blog readers.  I was lucky enough to win!  Here's what came in the box:

Some hot pink post its, coconut M&M's (one package is missing because my husband took them to the office), some fun heart pencils, a paperback, a great mini notebook, a way cool gold Sharpie and root beer lip smackers!  I've already used the gold Sharpie, several times, as well as the post its and I'm planning on picking up a pencil sharpener for my craft room.  I love a good paperback and am looking forward to reading this one!  Thank you so much Mary Jo!

Well, since I'm home today I'm planning on doing a couple of loads of laundry and I have that Project Life layout to finish up on my table.  Then I have an idea for some fun embellishments bouncing around in my head.  I'm going to try and work on those.  Thanks for stopping by today :)  Have a wonderful Thursday my friends!


  1. I loved reading all of your answers! I am so glad that I tagged you. And what a fun box from Mary Jo. Enjoy your snow day...we are getting rain her but the high is supposed to be 65 - what the heck? Someone need to remind Mother Nature that it is only February.

  2. Love reading about your life and who you are!! What a fun box of goodies...enjoy them!!

  3. love getting to know you better- very fun questions
    love the goodie box

  4. Glad you liked the package!
    I had fun sending them :)

    Banana bread was my baked item, too. It's so easy and hard for me to mess up (lol)

    Yep, snowing and sleeting here. I don't regret keeping the kids home even though their school is the ONLY one open in the city. Ridiculous.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers to these questions :)
    Great goodies....enjoy the coconut M&M's ;P
    i too didn't really think about marriage until it happened and I was still in disbelief when Wayne and I got married. Not because I was unworthy...I just thought I would be a career woman and live in a gorgeous apartment...I got the apartment..but it was a basement apartment and not very gorgeous, lol.
    Oh ya and when we finally get to meet I can't wait to hear you play music out of your nose, lol.

  6. This was great Becky, loved getting to know you better! Enjoy your box of goodies! :)

  7. This was so fun! I loved reading all of your answers. Your talent is pretty impressive.

    That is a fun box of goodies from Mary Jo! I hope you guys did well in the snow. We only got a tiny little bit!