Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Life Week 20 and a lightbulb moment.

Yay for Friday!!  There's one thing I've learned through this Project Life process, it's just that, a process.  I think it will be fun to look back on my pages in December and see how they've changed since January.

Now you know I've been struggling with adding more scrappiness to my layouts since the beginning of this project.  Last week I posted about adding more stuff to my journaling cards. Wednesday night I was working on Week #20 and pulled out one of my index cards and started adding some stuff to it.  Nothing new right?

But then I pulled my journaling cards out and added some scraps to one of them.  AFTER I added my journaling to the cards that's when it dawned on me, THIS is the way to add the scrappy stuff to my albums.  I need to have some pre making journaling and title card making sessions, on a regular basis.  Then when I sit down to do my layouts, the scrappy cards are ready to go.  Why didn't I use the scrappy cards I made from the other day, you ask?  Because I didn't want to waste them.  That and they were all on index cards and I didn't want all the journaling to look the same :)  Am I making sense at all or just rambling?  So just to clarify, I need to add more stuff to my journaling cards and title cards.  Whether they're pre made or ones I've cut out.  All the stuff I've added has been bits and pieces, scraps of things from here and there.  Easy, right?  Right!

You have big plans this weekend?  My parents are watching the girls tomorrow night and Mike and I are going to a friend's birthday party.  His wife has rented a velcro wall!  Should be a good time :)  Other than that, we're just cleaning house, doing laundry and relaxing.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fantabulous weekend!!!  Thanks for coming by to see me today!


  1. I did this in the beginning and stamped a bunch of the 3x4 cards and added buttons but then i ran out- lol and i haven't made any more. i think i am going to have to have a session maybe this weekend too. something fun!

    have a great weekend

  2. Sounds a great plan! And a creative way to use supplies :)
    I can probably just google it, but am not sure what a Velcro wall is?

  3. Velcro wall!? Sounds like so much fun!!!

  4. love your ah ha moment! Can't wait to see the velcro wall in the PL - lol!

  5. Yes - this is a great idea. But like Mary Pat says, you run out! So you have to keep making them. I like to do it assembly line style. :) Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy!

  6. Love your ah ha moment, and the fact that you are doing PL...I just kind of look at mine every now and then without actually working on it! :/

  7. I really hope you have pics of that velcro wall. Sounds like fun! Your posts have me inspired to give Project Life a try. Maybe next year. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I don't use a lot of my stash....which is store size, lol, for that exact same reason...I may run out.
    I have to remind myself that new products come out all the time and I know I am going to want them, so use up what I already have.
    You totally make sense to me ;)
    Oh ya, and I can't wait to see you stuck to that wall, like a fly on a sticky strip, lol.

  9. I really love the top left card...such a brilliant idea, keeping it simple! :)