Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Card.

Happy Friday!!!!!  I'm so excited it's Friday and even more excited it's a three day weekend and even MORE excited that Mike is home with us on Monday!  Can't even tell you how excited I am! 

Last Saturday I had a baby shower to go to.  Last week was crazy busy for me and I had no time to make a gift or even shop off the registry!  So a gift card it was.  What do do you need when you give a gift card?  Why a vessel with which to deliver said gift card.  That I did have time for.  I ALWAYS try to make time for crafting :)

The baby is going to be a girl, so the card leans a little more to the girly side, but it's still in neutral yellow and green.  What says baby more than polka dots?  Am I right? 

I cut out the doily with my Papertrey dies and added a cardstock sticker that I stamped my sentiment on to.  I love how that turned out.  It still needed something though, enter handmade, butterfly stick pin annnnnd finished!

We have Volleyball in the morning and then Mike and I are heading to the hockey game tomorrow night with my cousin for their Pink Game.  Should be a good time.  No plans the rest of the weekend, except to finish up invitations and I should probably start working on party favors for the Slumber Party NEXT weekend...  Whew!

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you have an AWESOME Friday and a rockin' good weekend!  See you soon!


  1. this is so adorable --i know she is going to love the card!

    have you seen the new pti webiste. i think it is even more confusing than their last one. i no longer can find the gallery or forum. i am so confused!

    have a great weekend! enjoy your time off! so jealous that your hubby is off as well. mine is not! bummer--it is so totally fun when everyone is off!

  2. love the card! yellow and green is my fav combination for baby.. have a great weekend!

  3. lovely card-great addition of the lace!

    Mary Pat, you are not the only one who the PT site confuses. I gave up on it yesterday.

  4. This is really pretty! I like how you did the butterflies for some dimension!

  5. I love the card, the stamped sticker is awesome! And the flowers and the little bit of lace, just fabulous!

    You are all so lucky to have Monday off together! I wish we had to the day off too! Have a wonderful weekend, the hockey game sounds like a lot of fun :)

  6. Such a sweet card! Have an awesome weekend! Hugs!

  7. So cute and sweet and what a great idea! My dd#1 is very into vintage/shabby chic so this sort of thing would be right up her alley!

  8. Very pretty card Becky! We are off this weekend from volleyball...unheard of, but we needed the break! :) I too gave up on PTI's website yesterday, it's so much more confusing now. Hope you have a great time at the hockey game. :)

  9. Your card is so pretty. Love your stick pin, I so have to try that :)
    You are so right, we should all make time to create :)
    I had a rockin' good time this weekend ;)
    Hope you did as well.

  10. This is precious! I'm with you on the polka dots - perfect for baby. Love the eyelet lace and butterfly stickpin. So cute! :)