Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Life Week #5

Morning all!  Quick post today :)  I have week five of Project Life to share today...

A pretty simple spread this week.  I feel bad posting this without pictures, but I still love having the week "done" and get excited!

Abie starts Art Club, way cool, and has her last Volleyball practice.  Mike is out of town so mom and dad are going to pick her up and bring her home for me so Landry can go ahead and get into bed.  How awesome are they?  Love them!  Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll be back tomorrow with a card!


  1. looks great becky!!!isn't awesome to have parents close to help out. my hubby and i used to live to far away for my mom to help but now that we moved back home it is so wonderful to have that extra help!

  2. It looks great!! I love your post its by the way, they are wonderful :)

    Its so nice that your parents are close by to help out, and to hang out with the girls. I'm hoping when AJ is done with his rotations, aka when we finally can get a house and have kids (am I getting ahead of myself here...we know what didn't happen Tuesday! hahaha) we are back on the East Coast near my parents, so they can be there to see my kids and help out too!

  3. HI Becky and thanks!!I'm pretty excited about it, it's my first DT! I love your Project Life. I love the whole concept and how you can do it really simple or more detailed....whatever works!! Right now, I am just adding in the page protectors in with the other layouts I have, but I really need to do better with the day to day things. I love looking at the way you are putting yours together!!

  4. You are doing so great! Love that you're keeping up with it and using lot's of colorful journaling. I'm uploading some photos tonight to hopefully catch up my first 6 weeks. :)

  5. Still looking good Becky! Must feel great that you are keeping up :0) Hugs!

  6. With or without the photos you are still way ahead of me. I haven't even started yet!
    so nice that your parents are there to help you out :)