Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New stuff!

Good morning everyone!  Did you have a nice weekend?  We did tons of fun family stuff and even some non family stuff.  It was a great mix. 

On Sunday we made a trip to Archiver's.  It's about 35-40 minutes from our house.  I usually go when I'm at work because it's only like 15 minutes from my office.  But this way Mike was able to hit a couple of places up that way that he wanted to go to and Abie was able to browse through Archiver's with me.  Poor Landry just got schleped around ;)

So here's my Archiver's haul.  (sorry all the pics are separate...  I didn't think about a group photo until after I'd uploaded all of these)

Some fun twine in awesome neutral colors!  Super excited to make some cards with this!

I've never had these tiny stickers before, or many letter stickers at all for that matter, but Mary Jo mentioned awhile back how much she loved these so I thought I would give them a try.  I'm planning on using them in my Project Life album since they're small and nice and flat!

I grabbed these Ali Edwards stamps, mainly for Project Life.  They were with the Valentines stuff, but I think they'll work well for everyday things too.  Aren't they sweet?  We say "smooch" a lot in our house!  :)

Ah man, I was super excited when I found these stamps.  I was looking for that little banner.  I found another set that was like $15.99 that had two or three banners and then I found this one, which was the real one I wanted and this set was like $6.49!  Well I had no idea, once I got home how much I would LOVE this set!  I think it will be kept with my Project Life stuff permanently!

Loved this 6x6 pad for the fun spring colors!

Have you seen these Amy Tangerine books?  I saw them online and wasn't sure, but when I saw it in person I had to buy it, for two reasons 1)  I want to make a gratitude journal with it and 2) I wanted to better see how it was assembled so I could make my own :)  Haha!  Do you ever do that?  The only thing I don't care for with this is how fat it is.  I feel like I need to set four or five bricks on it to smoosh it down, near the binding.  It's super thick, and that's before there's anything even in it!

Okay, you still with me?  :)  On Friday I made a trip to Staples to check out the Martha Stewart goodness that everyone has been talking about.  I was a bit disappointed.  I'm kind of cheap and Martha is REALLY proud of her stuff.  So, this was all I ended up getting:

I've been putting labels on some of my photos in my PL album and I really like the way it looks, so that was why I picked these up.  FYI, $2.99 for 120 labels.  We'll see how well they stick.  Haha.

Now, yesterday Abie and I went out to pick up some stuff for her party this weekend and while I was at Joann's I found this:

Tammy has talked about this punch recently and I got so excited about the way she used it for Project Life that I had to pick it up (with a 40% off coupon of course!)  I can totally use this on cards too!  Excuse the rip in the package, I was trying to tear into it and then thought, "oh, wait take a picture first!"  Ha!

So, that's my weekend haul.  I felt like it had been forever since I had bought anything.  What have you been buying lately?  I'd LOVE to hear :)  I hope you have a GREAT Tuesday and I'll see you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. You got some awesome stuff!! I am super jealous about the Fiskars punch though! I've been looking and looking for it since Tammy mentioned it, but I haven't found one yet! I haven't tried Joanne's though, because its too far from my office and my apartment to go during the week...I'll have to go out there this weekend!

  2. Great goodies from your hauls :0) I haven't bought anything lately except digital stamps and I can't really show those :0) Will once they are colored, always a fun process, and on cards. Hugs!

  3. Great finds!!! Have fun playing ;-)

  4. What a fun haul!? Glad you were able to add to your stash...that's always exciting! Also, glad you had a great weekend! :)

  5. That is a great haul! I have some of your purchases already in my stash, but would love to have it all!

  6. Wow, you found some nice/fun goodies there :)
    I so want that punch ;)
    My daughter wants the Martha Stewart office supplies. She is not sure if it is in her office budget though, lol.

  7. Fun goodies!
    I just went there on Friday :)
    That Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line is so much cuter in person than on-line, so I did pick up a few pieces.
    I bought one of those Amy Tan books as well.
    I didn't think it would be me, but I am going to use it as a travel journal on our next trip!