Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New planner stamps!

It's Wednesday already! Woot woot!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture on instagram with a link to My Sweet Stamp Shop and they carry the cutest stamps for your planner!

I picked out three sets that I thought I would use the most, they were $7.95 each. The shipping was super fast and they are the heavy acrylic stamps :)

I've been using them for a few weeks now and love the orderliness they add to my weeks ;) I've been using chalk inks to stamp with,  they seem to bleed LESS through the paper. If I clean the stamps immediately,  they don't stain. I've had problems with chalk inks staining my acrylic stamps in the past.

So here's a peek at the three sets I ordered and one of my weeks :)

Do you stamp in your planner?


  1. You know I do :)
    These are such fun stamps….I have seen other planner people use these stamps and they love them as well.
    Ohhhh the fun I can have with these ;)

  2. So useful! What a great find!

  3. So many new planner products out there now! Cute stamps! And a great price!!

  4. Those are adorable! I don't have a planner and I want to use

  5. I am lucky to just get appts and bills scheduled in my $10 Target planner....I don't know how you do it, but these stamps are a perfect touch to your weekly events.