Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Life

Hey there! Sorry to go missing on you a few days last week. I actually had things planned to post, but between my busier than expected summer schedule and broken laptop, it just didn't happen.  I'm hoping to post every day, or almost every day, this week  :)

Today I'm sharing a couple of recent weeks of Project Life.  I'm still enjoying it, I love the record keeping aspect of it.

Thanks for stopping in today and I'll see back here tomorrow!


  1. Love these.....could you remind me what core kit you are using, I really like it!

  2. I love how you add papers in there, too.
    Not just photos and journaling!
    I know how you feel. It's easy to go blog missing in the summer.
    I was tempted to take another week off :)

  3. I had one of those weeks last week. Your pages look great!

  4. Your pages are looking great!

    Oh man, I totally know what you mean about blogging in the summer. I was a mess last week when I was home and I'm having such a crazy time catching up!

  5. Always awesome pages.
    Is it stalkerish that I want to be able to read the journaling. I'm like Rain Man but with reading not numbers, lol.
    Bought some acid free tape, I have an idea on how I can use the journal cards you sent me for my way of Project 365..or Project life.
    Now lets see how ambitious I am, lol.