Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One more Project Life...

Morning! Happy Tuesday to you! We had a busy night last night, but let me tell you, the girls are getting so big, and responsible, they are able to help out so much around the house to help us get out the door. I love that! Especially when we have to be somewhere fast!

Today I'm sharing one more week of Project Life. My two most recent weeks have all the journaling cards completed, I just need to print out pictures. Hoping to do that tonight!

I find myself crafting in batches :)  Do you do that, or do you have the luxury of crafting in large blocks of time, like entire days, or even three or four hours at a time?

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping in today!


  1. I would have to say that I tend to scrap in big blocks of time. I am doing a twelve hour crop at the end of the month and then a 4 day scrap retreat in November....I am so excited!

  2. I love little glimpses into your life...and love PL!!

    I sometimes will scrap for a long time and then other times, it's just here and there. I did catch up on my Disney trip with PL...I need to blog that!! ;)

    Hope you have a great day Beck!

  3. Looks great! I craft in spurts. A little here, a little there. It's very rare I get lots of time to sit down and create.

  4. Your pages are wonderful as always :)
    You are raising wonderful independent girls :)
    I more or less scrap a bit here and there. I used to create for hours, but now not so much.

  5. That is awesome that the girls are able to help out, especially when you are in a rush! I'm sure my mom is waiting for the day when my brother and I are that big ;)

    Your Project Life is looking awesome!

    I try to block out time to scrap all at once, but it rarely happens. Usually I have lots of time in the summer, but this summer I'm teaching VBS, have a week long training in New Mexico and am going home for over a week for a vacation/my bachelorette party! So, less scrapping at once, and more scrapping when I can grab a minute!

  6. Great pages Becky! That's great that the girls are helping out more...they have a great role model! Lately, I'm not sure how I scrap! Summer is keeping me so busy with the kids I barely get anytime in. I'll catch up some day...