Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, my favorite projects, part I.

Can you believe it's the last day of 2012?  This year absolutely flew by, and what a great year it was too :)  Each year gets better than the last, but before we get to 2013 I thought I would share with you top 12 projects from 2012.  Today I'm going to share my favorite projects from January through June last year.

This card from January 26, 2012.  I love the felt and Kraft!!

This baby shower card from February.  I love the colors and vintage trim, and the doily and stick pin.  Well, just about everything!!

For March I loved the St. Patrick's Day shirts I made for the girls.  I had never used iron on transfers before and they were so crazy easy!  I loved how these turned out!

In April I was finally able to find some washi tape (thank you Target) and I love how quick and easy this card was to make.  I use this tape on tons of cards and tags now!

May was a toughie, I had several cards and tags I really liked, but this one is so different from my usual style.  I love this Stampin' Up! set, Baroque Motifs : )

For June I picked Landry's birthday invitations.  I love how they look like sparklers :) 

I hope you all have a save New Year's Eve tonight.  We'll be staying in tonight with movies and instead of our usual snacks this year, we'll be feasting on a crab boil.  Yum!!  I'll be back tomorrow with part two of my favorites from 2013.  See you then and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. what wonderful projects!! i always love looking at these posts!! great job on all of them!!

  2. All such cute projects, but I love how the tshirts turned out!
    I need to try that!!
    Happy New Year :)

  3. Great idea! Love to go down memory lane and revisit fun projects. :) I'm staying in with movies today too! It's a tradition from my childhood from the first year we got our VCR - movie marathons on New Year's eve. I'd rather be home than on the roads with the crazies. :)

  4. All wonderful projects, but I love the tshirts and Baroque Motifs is one of my favorites as well!

  5. All wonderful projects Becky.
    One of my favourites was the pink on pink birthday card :)
    So fun to see some of your favourites from 2012.
    I had a post like this planned and had all the photos uploaded and then it wouldn't upload and froze :(
    I'll try again another day :)

  6. I loved revisiting these projects! They are all amazing!

    Those St. Patrick's Day shirts are awesome! I used iron on patches for the first time this year too, and they are so easy to use! I want to try to make a St. Patrick's Day shirt for this year! (My Paddy's Bar is not really school-appropriate because it mentions beer...)