Monday, September 10, 2012

The other birthday card.

Good morning everyone!  Today is Mike's birthday, my husband for those of you who don't know :)  On Friday I posted the very simple, maybe more mushy card that is just from me.  Today I'm posting the slightly more fun, colorful card from the girls.

After I stamped the sentiment, I added the sequins.  I had the HARDEST time with the random placement of these dang things.  STILL struggling with this :)  How do you guys do it?  It still looked a bit too plain for me, so I added the twine.  Abie wrote the sweetest little paragraph inside for Mike, almost made me cry, almost.  Haha!  Landry signed her name too :)

We're heading out to dinner tonight and then it's homemade chocolate pie for dessert.  Should be a great day and fun evening.  I hope you have a beautiful day!  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow!!


  1. Simple but fun card from the girls. Happy Birthday to Mike! Wishing him a great day!

  2. love the CAS on this!! sounds like you have a fun night ahead!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mike! Love the card and the fun twine on the side. No, there's no secret to placing embellishment groups. Just whatever looks good! And yum...chocolate pie...that's my kind of birthday dessert! :)

  4. Cute card from the girls!
    Love the twine.
    Hope you all have fun tonight! :)

  5. Happy birthday to Mike!!!Super Cute Crad!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mike! I love the card. I struggle a lot with random placement too. I tried to randomly place window cling leaves on my windows and it took me forever! I don't think its as easy as it looks!

  7. Another great card Becky :)
    I think you are great at placing your embellishments in just the right place.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby :)
    Enjoy your evening with your family....chocolate pie sounds great right about now...what to bring some over ;)

  8. I love it-that twine was the perfect touch. I love when the kids write notes to me or their dad-probably even more than I like presents. :)
    Happy Birthday to Mike!