Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling Fall!

So the weather got really cool this weekend here, and it was absolutely wonderful!  I was definitely feeling fall :)  I picked up a few new goodies at the store and got some crafty time in.  Everything I created was fall or Halloween related.

About a year ago I made several Halloween themed embellies, not sure when or where I was going to use them.  A year late I still hadn't used them.  I was looking at the new Halloween paper I had picked up and really just cut the card to size and added the embellie to it.  So quick and easy!  I guess now I need to make some more embellies!!  :)

Did you have a good weekend?  Mike and I got our date night in and it was so fantastic!!!!!  Much needed, I'll tell you that.  When you have kids, and life is so busy, you sometimes take for granted those moments alone with each other.  It was wonderful to eat a meal without being interrupted and being able to order without having to look at the kiddie menu! 

I hope you have a great Monday and I'll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. Love this Becky! glad you had a great date night. Such an important part of our marriage that we often overlook. Hope you have a great day!

  2. this is so cute! glad you had a great date night!! hubby and i need one soon. we lost our babysitter so hopefully my mom will watch the boys! date nights are so important!!

  3. Spider web is too cool! And the polka dots! Glad you got a date night in!

  4. The fall theme is going around! :) Cute card! I love that spider webs all through your card.

  5. Very cute! Love the little web :)
    Glad you had your date.
    Mike is actually off work this week, so I am hoping for some date time while the kids are at school!!

  6. I love the spider web on your card!

    I'm glad you were able to have a date night! Our weekend was very busy - I need a few days off this week to recover from my weekend!

  7. very fun! Love the contrast and colors!

  8. I actually remember you sharing these embellishments you made last year :)
    Funny as my memory isn't the greatest...but I guess they stood out for me ;)
    Plus I think I picked up these MS web/doily thingies after seeing them.

    So happy you and Mike enjoyed your night out :)

  9. Great card and what a good idea to make embellishments. I should do that when I don't have the energy for a whole card.