Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Banner

Good Tuesday morning!!  I'm super excited today about my post, for a couple of reasons.  First of all I love the way this banner turned out and second of all I FINISHED THE BANNER!  Haha!

I was going to hang this on the front door, but then, on my way to the front door, I saw the china cabinet and thought this would look really cute hanging there.

 I used lots of old product on this and still love how it turned out.  Who says old product can't look good?  :)

Have you made any fall decorations or gotten yours out yet?  We got all of our stuff out on Sunday and it really has me excited for the fall weather and all that comes with it.

We have a busy couple of days ahead of us.  Skate night tonight and volleyball tomorrow night.  We're just grazing the surface of the busy time of year for us.  I'm trying to not feel the pressure :)  Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll see you all tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. love this!! a fall banner for my mantel is on my list to do! I have to finish this project that i have started and then it is up next! I love fall!!

  2. That is really, really pretty, Becky! :)

  3. Love this Becky...very pretty! :)

  4. This is such a great banner! The glittery letters are awesome!

    I took out all my fall decor last week. The weather just started cooperating for fall today though! I didn't dress appropriately though (in my defense, it was over 80 yesterday, its low 60s today), and I am freezing!

    It does sound like you have a busy week! This time of year always gets so crazy!

  5. Your banner turned out great! Love the glitter letters. I got out some of my fall stuff too. Even though it's still pretty warm here, I needed the change. :)

  6. This is SO cool! I love fall decor and need to get mine out!

  7. Your banner turned out beautifully.
    That paper is perfect for Fall and I love the sparkle letters :)
    I use old paper quite a bit...like over 15 yrs old....how sad is it that I never get rid of anything, lol.

    Haven't got the fall decor out, maybe thats what I need to move on from summer....that and the cold weather we have :(

  8. I love this! Looks great! We're getting out the fall decorations this weekend! :)