Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's on my desk, on Thursday.

I know I usually play along with JULIA'S BLOG on Wednesday, but I was so busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to post!  So, I'm going to post what I have on my desk today, Thursday :)

This is the remnants from my banner.  I didn't get to use the black glitter, which I really wanted to use.  My plan is to leave all of the fall themed items out and maybe make some cards or things!  I think I'll feel more inspired if I have this stuff out.  In the background is Landry's side of the girl's craft desk.  That always makes me smile :)

That's about it it.  I'm hoping I can get some crafting done tonight after work, but it's grocery night so we'll see.  I'm so glad it's Thursday, this has been a crazy week!  How do you fit crafting into a crazy schedule?  Thanks for stopping by today and I'm hoping to be back tomorrow!!  Have a fun Thursday!


  1. looks great! I am working on my fall banner! I have the banner pieces cut out and I will work on the letters tonight. Hopefully it will be ready for the weekend.

  2. Is that black Martha Stewart glitter? If so find something to put it on - it's pure awesome!!

  3. It's totally acceptable to share your work desk at any time! :) Hope that you get that crafty time in!

  4. You have such a nice big space to work on! :)
    Sigh...I left my silver American Crafts glitter out when working on a project, and one of Evan's friends spilled it everywhere when they were playing Minecraft on my computer.
    Glitter - fun to play with, no fun to clean up (lol)

  5. The heart shaped tin on your desk is so cute! I can't wait to see what you do with the fall themed items and the black glitter. I am a huge glitter fan lately!

    I hope you are able to get some crafting in tonight. I would much rather be home crafting tonight, or even grocery shopping, but I can't...I'm headed to the woods in less than 4 hours :(

  6. You are too funny! Love that you don't feel pressured to only post on Wednesday! Have a fantastic day Becky!

  7. Ohhh I love your desk, you know why.....because its not all clean and perfect, lol.
    I also love that your daughters are so close to you, so you can all create together.
    As you know, I don't really get to create when I'm most of the summer.