Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project Life inserts.

My Monday flew by!  I was so busy at work, in a good way though.  Abie had volleyball and then we just relaxed the rest of the night.  The heat is starting to build again here, I'm hoping that means I can buy some more crafty time as it will be miserable to be outside, unless we're in a large body of water :)

Today I want to talk about inserts.  Do you use them with your Project Life?  What about with your regular scrapbooking?  They would work there too, you know :)

I have completely replaced my regular scrapbooking with Project Life.  It just fits our lifestyle better.  Case in point...

The last week of school and the week of Mother's Day were really busy for us.  I had a bunch of papers from both girls that I wanted to save and "put on display" in the album.  That's where these inserts have saved so much time!

Abie brought home this fab picture on the left, and it just happened to be 6x12!  I slipped it in and was done!  This is something that I normally would have put in a folder or drawer and kept for her, but now it's kept within the album and will actually get looked at!  Same on the right, Landry's pizza :)  The next several pages are school work, certificates from the end of the year and even Landry's Pre-School diploma.  All things I would have kept, but never made a layout from and never kept in the regular album.

I know there are a lot of you that aren't *doing* Project Life, but do you put inserts like this in your regular albums or do you work pictures and things like this into your albums in other ways?  This has to be one of my favorite things about this project :)

Okay, work today and Abie's last volleyball game for the session tonight.  Then we get a break for awhile.  Hope you're staying cool where you are.  Thanks for stopping in today and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. i am using the inserts in project life. they are so easy to use. I do however, make 12x12 "folders" with my scrapbook paper and I include art work - projects etc. in their school albums. in fact I am working on 2 folders right now for jack's 1st grade work.

    have a great day

  2. That is such a great use for the project life inserts. I don't have anything like that yet - unless AJ wants to start drawing me pictures at work! But I love that you are able to include school work, certificates and everything! My mom saved it all in a big folder for us, but I think it get looks at so much more in the album!

  3. Completely random comments here, but your nails are GORGEOUS!! Love the color and the pattern! LOL!

    I do need to get those PL inserts. I want to get my kids' school stuff into an album (um...they are both in college...so I'm really far behind!) and these will be perfect for that!

  4. ok, love your PL - but your nails are totally fab!!!!

  5. Great way to keep the girls art work.
    I kept my girls in their school folder thingys I made them. Not sure if I had kept it up though ;)

  6. I'm still regular scrapbooking (LOL) but I'm loving inserts and using them frequently. Especially those 6 x 12's.
    Your PL is awesome-I wish I would've kept up with mine, maybe next year... :)