Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Tag

You know what's awesome about having more than one kid?  When one gets sick, the chances of the other one catching what the first one had are greatly increased.  Yep, Abie had the pukies yesterday.  She seems much better today, in fact, she's running around and dancing in her robe so I'd say she's healed :)

Today I'm sharing a birthday tag for a party we have this weekend.  I love how this turned out!  All the layers and stuff, yay!!

I can't remember the name of this paper line.  Echo Park maybe?  Hometown something?  I want to say Hometown Glory, but I think that's an Adele song.  Anyway, I bought it last summer, a 6x6 pack and I have a ton of it still.  I just can't justify buying any new stuff when I have so much "old" stuff still.  Is anyone else like that?  There are a bunch of new stamps I want to buy too, but I just can't pull the trigger. 

Focus Becky, back to the tag, I adhere the pink gingham to a manila tag and trimmed around to cut off the excess.  Then I layered on die cut tag, which came in a package from the same manufacturer as the paper.  After that I layered on die cut banners and punched butterflies and a heart.  I stamped my sentiment and added a small rhinestone, because the birthday girl is like that, rhinestoney :)

It's going to be HOT again today.  10...something.  At this point, it doesn't really even matter, right?  Haha!  I hope you're staying cool where you are.  We're keeping all the blinds closed and have our air up as high as we can stand it.  I think our ice maker is out of ice because of all the ice water we've been drinking!  Have a beautiful Tuesday and I'll see you tomorrow :)  Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. adorable tag, love the layers!

  2. Oh man, I can handle anything but the vomit. Ok well I can handle it with kids because I must, but it is so not fun.

    Very pretty tag!
    And I have to say this weather is ridiculous. The heat is just insane. It was 106 here yesterday!

  3. Terrific tag. Such pretty papers.

  4. I love it! The paper is simply lovely.

    What is this "not buy new stuff" you speak of? Man, I wish I had that problem!

  5. super cute tag!!! i just loved this collection!

  6. I think it's Hometown Summer, maybe by Pink Paislee? I recognize it, that's for sure! Lovely tag. Hope everyone is feeling much better by now!

  7. This is very cute! I am sorry to hear about the sickies! I can relate totally with 3 kids and a husband... they all get sick but me and well, that's just a joy...

  8. Sorry your princess were sick :( But glad they didn't last long.
    Your tag is awesome. The red gingham reminds me of picnics and summer time.
    I can justify buying new stuff, I have birthday money, teehee.
    but yes I have enough stuff to last my life time x's 3 and I'm getting up there, so thats a long time, lol.

  9. Oh no! I'm sorry Abie got sick too!

    I love the tag, its so summery and cheerful!

    When I have old stuff, I try not to buy new either. Unless its for the wedding, then I buy new and buy in bulk!

    I hope you all are staying cool. I have the ac cranked downstairs, but there is no ac in my bedroom! Its not so cool up there!

  10. I think tags are becoming a new favorite craft. I make tons of them. Then you can attach to a gift, or a card, or whatever! Yours turned out really cute!

  11. Ha ha! Funny how songs get stuck in your head... It's gotta be Hometown something, right?!! ;)

    Such a pretty tag. So many details involved... just lovely.

  12. Holy cow that is full of cuteness!! LOVE it!