Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday!!  I'm linking up at JULIA'S BLOG today to share what I'm working on. 

Today, it's just a mess.  The mess from the tag I posted yesterday.

Quite the little pile for just one little tag.  I need to get this cleaned up because I have another tag to make and I think I'm going to decorate the bag for that gift too.  Let me ask you this.  You know I always clean up after a project, right?  So if you have a mess like this out (see above)  and you don't put it away, do you just create right on top of it?  How do you find your stuff?  Eventually you're going to lose your scissors, right?  ;)

Hope you have a great Wednesday.  Thanks for popping in and I'll see you tomorrow!!


  1. I would imagine you would lose your scissors but I am incapable of leaving a mess on my desk when I finish a project. I might wait until the next day to clean up but I cannot start something new until the desk is clear and everything is put away. But that's a nice little pile of goodies. You were up to something fun! :)

  2. Must have clean table before I start a new project!

  3. Sigh...most days I would say I try to clean after a project. I just feel too disorganized if I am working on pile on top of pile. But there are times when I do! I just want to keep going.

    I love that Pink Paislee line! :)

  4. What a fun looking mess! My desk usually looks like that... I tend to just keep shoving things aside until i can't stand it anymore and then I will clean. Yes, I loose my scissors all the time!

  5. well of course you have to clear away before the next project or else you wont sleep,hang on thats
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  6. Those are some awesome butterfly punches!

    Vicky #136

  7. I clean up after every project, big or small. If not, the creative juices start to get muddled. dani #110

  8. um...i have lots of scissors....!!! Not sure thats the idea though!! Trish #55

  9. Okay, I know you are directly asking me this question as you have seen my desk, lol.
    Actually I do clean up after every project. But I make mini albums and those suckers take a long time, lol.
    So I try to clean up a bit in between pages.
    As for losing my scissors, I have a couple of pairs, I also have 2 paper cutters and I still lose them, lol.

  10. I'd have to have a clean space before I start I'm afraid.
    Even so I lose things...but then that's just me ;D
    You're desk is very colourful and looks like a lot happens there.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier...I'm so late desk hoping.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Happy Belated WOYWW ~ Neesie #20

  11. I'm a big fan of the push everything to the side method. Or the I'll just go create on the floor method. AJ prefers when I clean the desk though...

    I have lost a pair of scissors. I literally cannot find them. I've searched the whole apartment. Fortunately, I have 4 pairs!