Thursday, February 9, 2012

Landry's Valentines.

Man, can you believe it's already Thursday?  This week has flown by.  I took the day off today, the girls have dentist appointments.  I'm going to try and work on Abie's birthday invitations this morning before I pick them up to head to the dentist. 

Landry and I finished up her Valentines last night.

I trimmed and scored the 3x3 cards and trimmed the white card stock.  Landry did all the punching :)  She thought hearts would be appropriate.  Ha!

 She also did ALL of the stamping.  Some looked like this... :)

But a lot of them looked like this, and I was so proud of her! This was a rubber stamp too!

I was telling KATIE yesterday how hard it was for me to give up control of the Valentines and let Landry do this.  I want my cards to look perfect, even the kids, so it was a pretty difficult task for me.  In the end, I'm glad I relinquished a bit of control.  It was so much fun for Landry and I got a kick out of watching her!

In other "loss of control" news, I trimmed out the pieces for Abie's Valentines last night.  She came up with her own card design this year!  I trimmed, she assembled.  It worked out rather well.  Stop back by tomorrow and I'll share Abie's Valentines with you.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy your Thursday :)


  1. How sweet! Pretty soon, she'll be on a design team! :-)

  2. oh how adorable!!!! i think you may have one talented little one! can't wait to see tomorrow's card!

  3. Those are beautiful cards Landry made! Relinquishing control (which you know is hard for me too!) turned out really well!! I can't wait to see the one's Abie designed too!

    PS. Stop by my blog today...I have something there for you :)

  4. Those are fabulous!
    She did a great job!!

    I know what you mean about giving up control.
    But it is the best thing for them in cases like this.
    Unless they are getting way to ambitions (my son...cough, cough)
    and need a teeny bit of guidance :)

  5. Sweet cards! Sometimes giving up a bit of control can be fun!

  6. So sweet! I had the same problem when Ty and Caleb were doing their Valentine's. I wanted them to look like mine but, hey they had a blast and it was fun just watching them and taking photos :0) Hugs!

  7. Tell Landry that her Valentines cards are awesome, she did an excellent job on them :)
    It is hard to let go of the perfectionism and control with our girls.
    I (like you) want everything to be perfect. That is why I loved when the girls and I would scrap together. We all did our own thing, and their layouts were so fun and freeing.
    Looking forward to seeing Abie's cards.