Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Invitations

Good morning and a happy new week to you!  We have a snow day here today, which derailed my plans a wee bit, but that's what snow does, isn't it?  Funny thing is, we haven't gotten any snow this year, except for a tiny bit back in November, so the weathermen, among others, are acting like this small storm is a blizzard.  People, it's going to be sunny and 40 tomorrow, it will melt away by then. 

Today is a holiday for me, Lincoln's birthday, so I was off from work to begin with.  I had grand plans of getting caught up on some crafting projects and maybe some reading, but now...  :)  We'll see how the day goes.

Today I want to share with you Abie's birthday invitations for her 10 year birthday party!!!  She's really big into zebra print right now.  (anyone remember how LAST YEAR it was lime green and aqua?)  So when I saw these blank cards at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago, I knew they would be perfect for her invites!

These were fairly quick and easy to make.   I cut out the numbers with my Cricut and then ran them trough my Xyron and sprinkled them with Martha Stewart black glitter.  How awesome is black glitter?

Then I added the Thickers and a few black rhinestones.  Done!

Okay folks, I'm out for know.  The girls are still asleep and I'm hoping to be productive before they get up.  See you again tomorrow!  Have a fab Monday!!


  1. Cute invites!! To funny, Evan my oldest who is turning ten, loves zebras. Have always been his favorite animal :)

    Snow is headed this way from you.
    Evan is a little bummed that school is not going to be called off, but I told him he could go out after school for a while.
    Just need to hurry and get errands in before it gets here.
    Sorry for the change in plans, but hope you have a great snow day!!

    1. Oh and I know what you mean about the weather forecasters! We had a dusting of snow last week and they acted like it was some huge big deal.

  2. these are just totally cute!!!! i love the idea of running the item through the xyron and then adding glitter- great idea!

    yeah last winter we had over 30 inchies of snow and this winter we have only had 1 inch--crazy!! i would LOVE a snow da!

  3. so know what you means on snow... lol so fun how people handle them.. Love the cards! love those premade cards sometime they are perfect for quick made card. I use them all the time have a great monday!

  4. Super cute card! Love the zebra print!

  5. Yay for snow days :0) Love the invites! I am doing laundry and making goodies for Valentine parties tomorrow...frosted brownies for Ty and pink frosted cupcakes for Caleb :0) Hugs!

  6. Lucky you guys having the day off! I wish I was at home right now! I love the card, the rhinestones and the black glitter are awesome!

  7. Very cute--and I'm actually envious of snow. We've had hardly any this year in Massachusetts.

  8. Oh, she must love these invites! They look very chic.

  9. Very, very nice! I keep forgetting to use my Xyron to put glitter on projects. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  10. Very cute card! Don't think we'll get a snow day this year, not getting enough snow and then it all melts so fast. This has been a very lame winter.

  11. Wow, a year has gone by so quickly.
    nice cards. So fun with the funky zebra pattern.
    Snow day..did you say 40F that would be about +5C here. That is gorgeous.
    Today it was about -11 with some nippy wind.
    So looking forward to summer