Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Happy Wednesday!  What's on  your workdesk today?  Mine is currently a mess and getting ready to be cleaned...

It's been sort of a catch all over the last week and I haven't been able to get much done in the crafting area.  I did get my pictures sorted, if you can believe that's sorted :)  I'm hoping that I can get my desk cleaned up this afternoon and maybe get some "quick" layouts finished tomorrow.

Mom and Dad are having all four of the cousins (my two girls and my sister's two boys) over to spend the night tonight.  After I drop the girls off, I'm going to head to Joann's and see if I can find an appropriate Project Life album :)

Mike and I were trying to decide if we should go out to eat or have pizza and a movie at home tonight.  We decided to stay in because we can't remember the last time we were able to watch a movie uninterrupted.  Haha!

So, has your workdesk been a catch all like mine the last week or have you stayed organized and gotten some projects done?

Thanks for coming by today :)  I'll see you tomorrow!  Have a beautiful afternoon!


  1. oh what an awesome night in store for you guys-i am with you on watching a movie at home without the kids!! have fun!!!!

  2. Ha! Yours looks clean compared to mine. I decided to reoranize my entire craft area the day after Christmas because it just wasn't working for my the way I had my supplies organized.

    Enjoy your night in!

  3. Your picture made me giggle. That's what my table looks like on a GOOD day! Hope you enjoy your evening in!

  4. I think your desk looks great compared to mine (which was in pieces on the floor until a few hours ago!) and I do believe those photos are organized, because that's exactly how I organize mine! I hope you and Mike had a great night!

  5. I agree with Katie! Your desk looks great! Mine is a bit messy at the ,moment. i am re-organizing!

  6. You seriously think your desk is a mess? This looks like mine when its cleaned up, lol.
    Received your Thank you card today..thank you :)
    Oh and that card on your desk, very pretty, teehee.

  7. Darn it, I should have taken a before picture. I cleaned the heck out of my room just yesterday and now no signs of any mess. Yours isn't too bad here. I couldn't even see where the table was :0) Hugs!