Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project Life Calendar

 Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Did you all have a nice Christmas?  We had a wonderful weekend, full of family, food, laughter and fun.  Saturday night was spent at our house, we had a great Christmas morning  with the girls and then a late lunch/early dinner at Mom and Dad's.  Yesterday Mom, Abie, my sister Jennie and I made our annual shopping trip to the Plaza and then had Christmas dinner leftovers last night :)  I mean really, after a full day of shopping who can even think about cooking?

I know one thing, I'm ready to take down my decorations!  Haha!  If you know me at all, this wouldn't surprise you.  In fact, as I type this the Rubbermaid tubs are sitting in the entryway staring back at me :)  That's my goal for today.  I'm going to get all the decorations down except for the big tree.  That will stay up until New Year's Day.

I have another Project Lifey post today.  This is a tip I picked up from Michelle Wooderson.  She talks about how important a calendar is to her organization HERE.  Since I'm not sure if a calendar will play an important part in my PL, I didn't want to spend a ton of on one.  I picked this one up at Walmart for $4.

The only problem with it was that when I pulled the sticker off of it, it also pulled off some of the plastic coating and left it kind of bubbly.  I tried to get a good picture of it.  I had plans to decorate the front anyway :)

Nothing too fancy, in case I throw it in my purse or bag.  I didn't want a lot of bumpy embellishments hanging off of it.

I cut the doily out of some graph paper and layered on a 1 3/4" patterned paper circle that I stamped with my FAVORITE stamp.  On top of that, I adhered a Martha Stewart butterfly that I punched out of some music note paper.

This calendar isn't very big, but on the inside there's enough space for me to jot down a few notes about our activities from that day.  Should be perfect for PL.

Did you get any fun crafty things for Christmas?  Mike and the girls surprised me with a Kindle Fire!  I'm still trying to figure it out :)  I love to read so it was a great gift!  I hope you have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I'll see you back here tomorrow!  (wish me luck on dismantling the house!)


  1. what a great idea for your calendar!

    i have a nook and i love it so much! if i could only have more time in the day to do all things i like to do!

    i took down everything yesterday and scrubed the house from top to bottom. i am so happy that it is back in order!

  2. Love the simplicity of this calendar. It will really help with PL. I will take my decorations and tree down after the New Years...this is my favorite time of the year so I hate to pack away. :(

  3. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Good luck taking down the decorations. It should take me about 5 minutes since I couldn't really put any up this year. I'll take my tree down on New Year's day too. My to me gift this year was a Nook tablet! I love my Kindle for reading book but the company I'm working for finally put in a hot spot in the cafeteria so I wanted needed a tablet so I can catch up on blogs and Pinterest and other stuff at lunch everyday. I can't wait to use it! :)

  4. This looks great! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I don't do PL, but I certainly appreciate a well decorated calendar! Great job!!

  6. Looks great! I can't do without my calendar (and my lists). :)

  7. cute!

    Is the doily a punch? Love it!

  8. I love the calendar. I carry a day planner in my bag all the time. It came in a lot more handy when I was in school and had tons of assignments due, but I just can't break the habit, and I'm not sure I want to!

  9. I was going to take all the decorations down as well as the tree, but Kristy won't let me.
    I never take it down before Ukranian Christmas and we don't put it up until 12 days before Christmas..but this year I just wasn't up to all the excitment :(
    Love how you fixed the kaka spot on your calender :)