Monday, November 14, 2011


Good Monday morning everyone!  I have to give you a bit of a disclaimer about today's card.  I made this card for my cousin Jessica who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June.  She finished her last chemotherapy treatment about two weeks ago.  She had a rough go of it, after trying out two different chemo's, one which she had an allergic reaction to and the other which she a horrible physical reaction to and was only able to be on the treatment for five minutes, she was finally given the chemo treatment nicknamed "red devil".  Yuck.  Here's my disclaimer, MY CARD HAS  DIRTY WORD ON IT.  But, after enduring the "red devil", I figure Jessica needed a card like this!  Plus, it's a pretty card, and all glittery!

 Here's a sneak, in case you're offended, but still want an idea of what the card looks like.

Now, if you're bothered by foul language STOP READING.

 Here's the card in all it's glory :)

This card was pretty simple to make, it did take a bit of time to cover all the tiny letters in glitter. I'm just so proud of my cousin and how far she's come.  She still has more surgery to go through and injections of another drug every three weeks for the next year, but this is  one hurdle that's over.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours just went by way too fast.  I had so many things I wanted to get done and felt like none of them were accomplished.  Hope you were more productive than I was!  Thanks for coming by today and I'll see you tomorrow!  Have a wonderful day :)


  1. very cute card!!your cousin totally deserves it and she is awesome!

  2. Nice card. I'm sure your cousin will love it after going through such a rough road.

  3. My cousin had that one while going through her treatment. Not the best smelling stuff as I recall... I hope your cousin is as well as she can be now!

  4. My heart goes out to your cousin going through treatment. I have known to many women dealing with breast cancer :(
    And I love your card! :)

  5. Congratulations to your cousin! I'm sorry she had such a rough time, but am so happy to hear she is all done with chemo! I love the card, especially the dirty word ;)

  6. I LOVE your card and anyone that goes through what your cousin is going through deserves a medal, or a kick ass card!! ;)

  7. I admire your cousin.
    Perfect card, cheeky and pretty :)

    I had never known anyone with cancer, then last month my BIL and a family friend both found out they have it.
    Scary disease. There should be more done about it.

    As for a productive weekend...not nearly as much as I should have got done.

  8. Props for making a 'dirty word' cute! I could totally see sending a card like this! :)