Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sewing Machine Sunday!

Good morning compadres! How's it hangin?  We're doing pretty good here, enjoying our weekend to the fullest.  Mom and dad came over last night for dinner, and then the girls and I hung out since Mike was at the football game. 

So, who's up for a little sewing machine adventure today?  I've been waiting for this puppy to go on sale at Target for several weeks and last Sunday was the big day!  The following is my non-scientific, completely uneducated, I know nothing about sewing review of my new machine.  Enjoy! 

Warning:  Picture Heavy Post Ahead...

Here's the machine.  A Singer Tradition.  Normally $93.99 at Target, on sale for $69.  They regularly run this on sale. 

Here's how it looks when it comes out of the box.  That's it.  It wasn't all wrapped up with twist ties and rubber bands.  I must be use to my kids toys.  I should say here that it was 3:30 PM when I started this and I was sure I would be sewing my first pair of pants by 4PM.
Here is the peddle.  I was really impressed with size of this thing.  I had a Janome Sew Mini before this and the peddle was half the size of this.  Set up, from the time I took the machine out of the box until the time I was ready to start working on the bobbin, was like two minutes.  New pants, here I come!

Here's the bobbin in the bobbin holder thingie.  The bobbin holder thingie is metal.  This also impressed me.  I thought all sewing machines now were plastic.
Here's another shot of the whole bobbin mechanism.  Okay, at this point I threaded my needle, pulled up the bobbin thread and was ready to sew.

It's like 3:45 PM people.  I might have time to start on a shirt and maybe a coordinating jacket!

STOP! HOLD EVERYTHING!  Something is wrong.  Something is very very wrong!  I messed around with the machine.  I tried again.  Same results.  It's 4PM.  There goes my ensemble.  I picked up the girls from school.  Dinner, dishes, baths.  Blah, blah, blah...

8:30 PM  I get Mike to help me.  He says, "Becky I know nothing about sewing machines."  I say, "but Mike, you can fix anything."  Ah ha!  It worked.  He comes downstairs, he messes with the machine, I'm ready to try again.  I get the same results.  Only this time the machine completely stops running.  Oy!  At this point, I know I need to STEP AWAY FROM THE MACHINE!

Day two, Thursday.  I have a fresh perspective.  I'm going to master this machine.  I start all over from the beginning, humming a little tune.  Telling the machine how beautiful she is.  I think this might work.

SUCCESS!  Now, as long as I don't run out of thread or need to change thread color I'll be okay!  Haha!

Have a great Sunday, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow--that would be me. I have that purple machine you talking about. I used it 2 times then that was it. I'm planning to buy a better one for scrapbooking and attempting to make something out of frabic. lol

  2. LOL, I am sorry but here I am chuckling at you, OK with you.
    I can relate. I bought a very expensive (in my opinion) machine, and I still got that on the bottom when I first played with it. If I hadn't paid the price that I did, I think it would have been out the window LOL.
    Can't wait to see what treasures you whip out with this beauty.

  3. Heehee oh this brings back memories. I'm sure the frustration will be worth it in the end.

  4. Too funny! I have a sewing machine on my wish list. I will have to check Target. by the time I get it you will be a pro and can help me. :)

  5. thanks for the review on the sewing maching--mine is getting really old==might have to check it out. thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday ( would love for you to sign up and follow me and I in return will follow you! thanks again