Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Cards

Good Saturday morning my dears.  I hope you're all tucked in on the couch under a blanket, with a cup of coffee as you read this, because that's where I like to be on Saturday mornings.  Mike and I take turns taking Abie to tennis practice and when it's my Saturday to stay home, I get the most out of it that I can!  Mike decided to go to the MU game tonight, do I know him or what?  Ha!  But, on the flip side, our Halloween party got moved to next Saturday, so I think my mom and dad might come out for dinner instead.  I need to make a run to Costco at some point this weekend, but other than that, we have a pretty relaxed weekend planned.  What do you guys have going on? 

Up for today, I have two Halloween cards I made for my girls.  I just started with kraft colored cardstock and started layering. 

You'll have to excuse the photo above.  I'm going to say that my table is crooked and not that I was on the phone with Mike and taking pictures one handed...

This is the inside picture of the card. With a little place to write and a 3-D chipboard embellishment.

I had a lot of fun making these.  They took no time at all since I used pre-made embellishments and coordinating papers.  Have a great Saturday and I look forward to talking again soon!  Thanks for stopping by.

Paper:  Kraft, Hobby Lobby; Patterned Paper, We Are Memory Keepers


  1. Those cards are really cute! You did a great job! BTW-I agree...must be a crooked table! I have one in my house from time to time too! LOL!

  2. Really cute! You are brave to go to Costco on the weekends. Ours is always so crowded it becomes an event so I try to get there on a weeknight.

  3. Your cards are so fun. We don't have a Costco :( Yes peanut butter cookies look may be in my future this weekend :)

  4. Your cards are so cute. love them. thanks for sharing.

  5. super cute..your kids will love them. I scrapped all day. Finished a LO & started a card...heehee but there not posted yet. Hubby has been after to me to sit and not be up running around. I sprained my foot about two weeks ago and it's not healing.