Monday, March 23, 2015

Glittered clothespins!

Did you have a good weekend?  Ours was awesome!  It flew by, but was still great.  We got a ton of stuff done around the house, ran errands and spent a lot of time outside :)

Today I wanted to share with you some fun glittered clothespins that the girls made last weekend.  I saw these on Twitter, I think.

The girls set up shop at their craft table with Mod Podge, clothespins and glitter.

The first step was to spread the Mod Podge on, a good thick coat.

Then sprinkle on a nice layer of glitter.

And knock off the excess glitter.

Your finished product!  A lovely glittery clothespin :)

What was awesome about this was that even Landry got in on the action :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you have a fab week!


  1. looks like the girls had a lot of fun!! what girl doesn't like glitter?
    glad you had an awesome weekend. We did too! but I am already for anohter one! LOL!!

  2. This looks like a blast! and it's a great accent for their rooms!

    My weekend went by too fast too :( Hope you have a great week as well :)

  3. Ohhh so much fun :)
    What are the girls going to use these on?
    Maybe they will even save one or two for you ;)

  4. These are so blingy and sparkly! I love them! What are you doing with them??

  5. I would love it if Zach would do something crafty...ok, maybe glitter doesn't have to be involved, but something would be fun! Love them....what are you going to use them for?