Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project Life for 2015

Hey there!  I know, another Project Life post :)  I thought I would share with you my kit for 2015 and my plan for this year, and what I've done for the last few years because it works great for me and may work for someone else.

I'm using this adorable 5th and Frolic Edition.  The girls helped me pick it out and I'm in luuuuuv!

Here's a little sample of the title cards :)  Aren't they cute?

Here's a peek at week number one, which was really just a few days.  Super easy!!

And week number two, which has some personal journaling, hence the super sneaky camera angle.  Ha.

So, for my process.  I load up my book with my page protectors.  I only use one 12x12 page protector for one week.  Two is too much for me :)  So for a whole year, that's about 30 page protectors, give or take.  Then I go back through and add all of the title cards.  I just take the stack, right out of the box and rotate them through the book.  SUPER easy.

Then I go back with a few Sharpies and add the week number and the dates.  And then I go back and add the journaling cards, using my same stack and rotate method (see above, haha)  This year, I worked on the whole process on a Sunday afternoon while Mike and I watched a movie.

Now, my whole book, FOR THE ENTIRE year, is done.  All it needs is pictures and words.  I just have to add three pictures a week.  I take all my pictures with my cell phone and print from my Selphy.  I write in my planner, a few notes, every day about what we did or what is going on.  So when I sit down to work on my Project Life, I print my photos out and work on my journaling.  By the time my photos are done printing, I'm usually about done with my journaling and can slip the photos into the page protectors.  SO EASY!!

The best part about this project is that it's recording our everyday.  I was in such a scrapbook slump, only taking pictures of the major holidays and now I'm getting all this awesome stuff!

So, I hope I helped someone that was maybe thinking PL seemed like too much or like they couldn't or didn't want to take it on.  I know it's not for everyone :)

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you're having a good week!


  1. That sounds like a simple process to stick with. Its so great when you find something that works. I'M really thinking I need to get a photo printer so it will be easier for me to print out since I plan on using my phone. And I won't have an excuse to get behind!

  2. Good plan! What are some of the every day things you document? I get stuck on that.

  3. I didn't realize how much prepping you did, but what a great idea.
    That would definitely make it easier to "keep up".
    Very cute kit, too!
    I know I have been kind of stuck right now and am shifting more to pocket page scrapping with a few regular layouts here and there.

  4. You make it sound so easy.
    I guess it is..I don't use those page protectors..but if I did more early prep, it would make it a lot easier.
    Thank you for sharing your process, sounds perfect :)

  5. becky, this is brillant! i have always been interested in your style because i tried PL a couple of years ago and was just soooo overwhelmed with the 2 page 1 photo a day stuff was just way to much. I gave up!!! LOL!!! i like your one page concept and how you put it together for the whole year!!!! do me a favor- repost this post in december again! LOL!!! becuase i want to try this in 2016. I will have all my design teams completed and then i will be ready to get back into crafting just for ME again!!! love it!!!!