Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fauxdori, Jendori, Chic Sparrow.

Hey all!  I'm super excited to share my post today!  You know I'm a wee bit obsessed with my planners/planning/list making, etc.  For almost two years I've used a few different styles of ring bound Filofaxes and I LOVE them.  And honestly, I'll go back to them, because they are awesome.

However, I've seen, and heard about the Midori Traveler's Notebook A LOT lately and after watching a lot of videos and perusing a lot of Instagram feeds :) I decided to buy a Jendori from Chic Sparrow on Etsy.  Essentially, a Midori or a Jendori or a Fauxdori is a leather cover with a few elastic bands in the spine which you slip paper books into.  There is a whole range of things you could use your book for.  A journal, a planner, a sketchbook, or all three!!

So, here is how I've chosen to set up my Jendori!  PICTURE HEAVY POST AHEAD!!

Here's the cover.  I added a little charm to front :) I love the color, it matches my Madewell Tote perfectly and smells wonderful!

Here's a picture from the top, a little blurry, but I added some monthly tabs and  it gives it a little color too.

And here's a side view.  The leather is super thick!  I'm SO pleased with this cover, seriously!

I ordered two different books from Yellow Paper House on Etsy.  One of which was this monthly, which was blank and I had to fill in the dates.  What I loved about Yellow Paper House, besides the crazy fast shipping, was the number of colors you could choose from for your pages!  They had SO many options for books to choose from, but I just got the two. 

The fronts of the books came blank so I decorated them, for now, with a simple Project Life card, and some washi tape.

This is the second book I ordered.  It was the weekly, January through March 2015.  I picked a fun bright blue color. 

I MADE two different folders to hold all those little bits and pieces.  After watching YouTube videos, mine were kind of messed up and looked a little wonky, but I made them work :)

I think my favorite part are the books I made and were a big part of why I bought the Jendori in the first place.  These books were super easy to make and I even have Abie hooked on making them!

I made one book that was a combination of plain paper and graph paper.  I am using it to keep my to do lists, book lists, home lists, etc in.

Then I was inspired by Tracy's post on her Fauxbochini and I made an entirely separate book of graph paper to journal in.  All of these books fit in my Jendori and I love it!!

Here's the back of my book :)

So, that's it.  I'm enjoying this new system, for now.  I know that I'll go back to my Filofax one of these days, but for now...

What is your organizing plan for 2015?


  1. This looks really cool! I've never seen or heard of any of these organizer/planners. I love how it matches your Madewell tote too! I am still an EC girl, it works for me but I keep it at home so if I have to remember something when I'm out, I put it in my phone.

  2. Nice! I like it! I wanted to order the simple stories planner goodies but some strike on the docks somewhere in CA ? Is ruining my fun! I TRY to just use my phone / but we all know that's just not the same as pen & paper!

  3. I have been waiting for this post!!!!
    I love your fauxdori !!!!!!
    I love that you made your own books for it and your girls got in on the fun :)
    I love that you love the Smell of it…awwwww ;)
    I want to make my own….and you know I just might…I just have to figure what I should put in it…hmmmm, the possibilities.
    Keep me posted in how you like using it :)
    Oh ya, love your charm as well :)

  4. How fun!!
    I haven't really gotten into planners.
    I seriously should tho cause I am all over the place using my phone, calendars on fridge and a spiral notebook by my computer for notes and lists. No wonder I'm always forgetting stuff lol

  5. What a great planner! I'm not usually a planner person but I had to cave and buy one for this year. I feel like without it, I'm bound to forget something this year with all that I have going on.. I write everything down anyway one post it's and stuff, so to have it all in one or two places will be great.

  6. It looks like a great planner. I wish that I had 1/3 of the organization skills that you have....what a rockstar!

  7. Your planner looks totally awesome!