Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One layer thank yous.

Good morning!! Happy Wednesday to you. 

I wanted to share with you the thank you cards I made for Abie to hand out after her friend birthday party.

These are my favorite, go to, style thank yous to make. Mostly because they are so quick!!

Hope things are going well with you. We are thawing out again after another snow/sleet episode and preparing for the kids family birthday party this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by today!! Have an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Oh these are just too cute! I love the dimensional, layered look. I "hope" we're thawing out but it still feels too cold to thaw much. Spring is just around the corner though.......

  2. Very pretty! I love that butterfly.

    It's still pretty cold here. I am so ready for spring to be here. Keep warm!

  3. talk about cute! i love the cloud with the butterfly! so perfect

  4. These are so cute! The butterfly is adorable, it looks like it is going to fly right off the page!

    I hope it warms up soon. We had ice the other day, and it caused lots of problems around here (roads shut down, someone at AJ's work flipped their car on black ice, he is okay, but there were lots of problems like that) I am so ready for warmer weather so I can start planting flowers and maybe a vegetable garden too!

  5. Those are so, so pretty, Becky!! Great idea :)
    Starting to thaw out a little here. Still a layer of ice in places...ugh.
    But I am looking forward to the warmer temps we are supposed to have in the upcoming weeks.
    40's, 50's and even a 60 or two sound pretty good to me!

  6. them!!!

  7. Very pretty cards.
    I like that you can see the pattern paper behind your decorative border punch at the bottom.
    I also like your layering with the butterfly :)
    Today was a nice day here, I think we made it up to -17c and the sun was so bright :)

  8. Love! So springy! We're pretty mild here (50s) until later in the week when it's back to the 20s with chance of snow. Sob.

  9. These are so pretty, I wouldn't have thought them to be so simple. I love the scalloped edge and the cloud punch. Awesome little cards. :)

  10. These are adorable!! Not simple at all.