Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Card

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!!  Just wanted to pop in for a minute today and share a quick card with you.

Sorry for the wonky angle, I couldn't get this picture right.

This was a pre-made base with a small heart pre printed on the bottom.  I covered it up with the red doily and then layered on some fun Valentine pieces.  I love those enamel dots!

We're headed to volleyball practice tonight and I'm super excited for tomorrow because it's supposed to be ABOVE freezing!  Hahaha!

Thanks for stopping in today and I'll be back tomorrow with Landry's Valentine's for her class.  Have a great Tuesday :)


  1. very cute- love the red doily!
    we are supposed to get above freezing tomorrow and by friday it is going to be a virtual heat wave with a temp of 37 degrees. so excited!!

  2. Love the card, the red doily looks cute on there. Glad it is getting a little warmer for you, all we have had is rain rain and more rain.

  3. Adorable card! I love the cloud punch along with the doily. Ah, you've had such a crazy winter. I hope it warms up soon. :)

  4. Sweet card. I like the colours.
    I am liking these enamel dots as well :)
    I like how you cluster your layers on your projects
    Still freezing here :(

  5. This is so pretty! I love the red doily and the enamel dots!

    I hope it gets warmer up there! I can't believe how cold it has been! And all of the snow too!

  6. So cute! I'm partial to that red doily too! I haven't seen any red ones and doilies are so vintage Valentine to me. The enamel dots are really cute. What a lucky person is getting that Valentine card!! Yay for above freezing!