Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Test tube treats!

I'm so glad it's Wednesday!  Tonight is our only night home for the week and we have errands to run and a dress to find, for Abie's first dance!!!  I'm hoping to get the errands done right after school and then be in for the night :)  I have a little Halloween project to share with you today!

I made THESE treat bags for Abie to give out to her friends this year since she's in Middle School now and they don't have big class parties.  That way she's still getting to celebrate too :)  We filled the bags with different candies and then I also made these:

I bought the bottom three test tubes at Hobby Lobby in a package for $3.99.  The top one I got years ago from Oriental Trading.  BUY THE ONES FROM HOBBY LOBBY.  Why you ask?  The lids screw on and you won't lose your candy :)  These were super simple to decorate.  I wrapped a bit of washi around the middle and then tied some twine around the bottom of the lids with a die cut Halloween shape.

The die cut shapes were from an old Cuttlebug die I had.  These test tubes are just a few inches tall so I had to use the mini M&M's.  I think they would have looked more festive with black and orange candies though :)

Thanks for popping in today!  I'll be back tomorrow with my last Halloween cards for the year.  Then it's on to fall/harvest/Thanksgiving!!  See you then!  Have a beautiful Wednesday my dears!!


  1. these are so darn cute!! i know al the kids will love them!!!

  2. Those are so adorable! I think they look great with the m&m's.

  3. These are awesome!!!
    I love the washi tape and such a great use for it as well.

  4. These are so cute! What a fun treat!

    Did Abie get to dress up at school? This is the first year ever that I thought in a middle/high school where kids couldn't dress up! I felt so bad for them :( They were allowed to dress up last year, so they were pretty upset!