Monday, October 28, 2013

Some new crafty stuff!

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you have a good weekend?  Ours flew by.  Dad came out Saturday to help Mike withe basement and Mom and I went shopping with my sister and one of my nephews, he was less than thrilled.  On Sunday I spent the day cooking, cleaning, washing sheets/towels, taking Dirk to puppy class and crafting while Mike sheetrocked all day :)  It was a busy, but GREAT Sunday!

On Friday I was able to run into Hobby Lobby for a few minutes, I never go in there anymore since Michael's is just up the road and I'm so glad I did.  I found some great deals!  Way at the back of the store they had a whole section of stuff on clearance.  This is what I picked up.

I was looking for an album to use for our trip to Chicago.  Mike has a bunch of memorabilia that I'm going to include so this Snap Studio binder will be perfect.  It was on clearance for $10.79.  I also grabbed a package of folders for $3.99 and two packets of the 2x3 cards for $2.99.  Even if I don't use them in this album, they're great for Project Life and I love to use them on cards!  The best part about this, when I went to Michael's, all of this stuff was regular price!  Ahahahahahaha!  I also picked up a Smash book.  It was $8.39.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but I figure for that price I couldn't pass it up.  Plus it was pink :)  Then I grabbed two of the 4x6 pads of the Pebbles printed cards.  Again, great for PL and cards.  I fell in love with the sayings in these!  They are so awesome!  They were $2 or $3.

I finished up the girls Halloween treats over the weekend so I have a couple of more things to show you later this week.  I'll be back Wednesday with some fun treats!!  Until then, thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!!


  1. I love those productive weekends when we get a lot done!! You got some great deals. I can't wait to hit up HL! One opened not *too* far from us. Of course it was closed yesterday. boo! I see the m & m's on your desk, were they part of the treat of fortification for you? :)
    You got some great stuff!! fun!!
    Our weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing which is what we needed after 2 weekends of parties!

  2. oh my lots and lots of fun goodies! i love the snap books for themed projects! can't wait to see your pages of chicago!!

  3. It looks like you got some great bargains! My weekend was packed and I am exhausted...already counting down to the weekend again....uugghhh!

  4. Oooh, lots of fun goodies!! The closest HL is about 2 hours away, but I LOVE going there whenever I get the chance! Looks like you scored big!! :D

  5. Productive weekends are the best!

    I love all of the things that you picked up! I'm so glad you were able to get them all on sale, especially because they weren't on sale at Michaels - that is awesome!

    This weekend was productive for us too! During the weekend I felt like we got nothing done, but now that I think about it - we did a lot!

  6. Yeah, Becky's back ;)
    You picked up some fun and great deals.
    I picked up a faux leather Snap book at the other weekend and it was 25.00 with a few page protectors did well :)

  7. Fun haul!!

    Busy, busy weekend here, too, but fun.
    Those are definitely the best :)