Monday, September 30, 2013

Friend card.

Morning everyone!  Hope you had a nice weekend.  We had a rainy day Saturday and it was perfect!  I'm ready for slightly cooler fall temperatures and a few cloudy days here and there.  I don't want EVERY day to be like that, just a few ;)  Mike got tickets from a customer to go to the American Royal Rodeo Saturday, lived here all my life and I've never been.  It was pretty cool.  We had a great time!  On Sunday, I spent the day  cleaning, deep cleaning not my normal daily cleaning I've doing, and hanging out with Mike and the girls :)

Today I wanted to share with you a card that has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks, unfinished.  I had everything on it, but the sentiment.  I just wasn't sure how to finish it off.  Then it struck me to stamp a sentiment in the middle of the journaling card.  Genius, right?  Haha!  So I found the perfect sentiment, thought I would use black ink, so it would show up, and then I was immediately unhappy with the results.  I feel like the bottom line isn't clear enough and I really wish I would have used a different color of ink.  I'm also wondering if the font isn't appropriate for the style of card...

I really liked the way this card was BEFORE the sentiment and now I just like it okay.  Ha!  I'll just make a more awesome one next time!

Thanks for popping in for a minute today.  Abie has volleyball tonight so it's a quick dinner and then off we go.  Speaking of dinner, you see how I did that there?  I've been working on a meal planning notebook, post later this week, and I'm thinking about doing some freezer meals.  Do any of you do this?  Right now, we'll cook some things on the weekend and then reheat later in the week if we need something fast, but I'm wondering about the freezer thing.  Would LOVE your input!

Have a beautiful Monday friends!  See you tomorrow!


  1. i have not done freezer meals but i have seen some good ones on pinterest! keep us posted on this if you try them- i have been curious for awhile now!!

    i think your card turned out great- but i totally understand when you have it in your head one way and then it does come out that way- happens to me A LOT!

    have a great day

  2. I know what you mean, but I still think it's a great card!
    I am the worst about picking apart my projects, but am just kind of trying to let it go :)

    I do not do freezer meals. The few times I have tried, we didn't end up eating them.
    I do a lot of crock pot meals though!

  3. Love your card....and it speaks the truth!!! Hope all is well.....

  4. I think the card is cute! I love the sentiment. With fewer of us home these days I will freeze leftovers to have again another time but I don't do a big freezer cooking day. I think it's a great idea though!

  5. I think your card is great.
    Such a true sentiment :)
    If you really don't like this sentiment or font or colour for your can always stamp a different one on another (smaller) piece of paper and adhere it on top of it.
    As for freezer meals...Wayne does that in the winter. He will make a big batch of stew or soup or meat balls and freeze them. Then when he goes back to work, we will eat stew, soup or spaghetti so I don't have to cook, teehee.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm just starting to meal plan so I'm probably no help, lol! I wish I could do some freezer meals but my freezer is to tiny. I actually took inventory of my cabinets and pantry this weekend to help me with meal planning. Love the card, btw.

  7. Don't be so hard on is still really cute! I am sure that any of your friends would be thrilled to have it!