Thursday, June 20, 2013

New card

Happy weekend eve!!  I just love Thursday's.  I think it stems from when Mike use to be out of town every Wednesday and we would be so excited on Thursday because it meant seeing him and an early start to our weekend.  Funny how, years later, I'm still excited for Thursdays.

Today I'm sharing the Father's Day card I made for my dad.  It's a bit non-traditional, in that it doesn't say "happy Father's Day"

But it does say Life is Good and that's because it is.  Good for my dad and good because of my dad, and my mom :)  I used one of my favorite Simple Stories lines for this, just paper and some foam tape.  Love it!

Lots of swimming going on here, and volleyball, and just enjoying summer.  That means not a lot of crafting.  But I do have a lot of ideas!  Haha!  I hope you're enjoying your summer and spending your time the way you want to!  Thanks for stopping by today to share a minute with me.  I appreciate it :)  See you tomorrow with an organizational re-do of my Filofax tote!  Have a great Thursday!


  1. Cute - love the simplicity!

  2. Adorable card, I too love the simplicity!

  3. Great card, Becky! Love the layered Polaroids.

  4. Love it! Sounds like your enjoying your summer.

  5. I love it.....simple, but totally awesome! I bet your dad loved it!

  6. I love that line, too!
    And it's a fabulous card!
    Summer is great, but not lots of crafting here either. I whipped up my PL page the other night after the kids went to sleep.
    But made so many errors because I was tired!

  7. Great card!!
    I thought they were the PL cards you were talking about at first.
    I didn't get my tote done today either as I was with Kristy all day as she was getting her tattoo.

  8. Love this Becky! Don't you just love "non-traditional" cards?! :) Also, Simple Stories makes it so easy for us to create masculine cards. Great job, have a fantastic weekend.

  9. I love that you are still excited for Thursdays! That is so so sweet!

    This is a great non traditional card! I think your dad will love it!