Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of new things!

Good morning to you!  We had an interesting weekend, Abie has been sick with the flu since Thursday :( so there has been a lot of laundry, Lysol and anti-bacterial wiping going on around here.  Her temp was down to 98.6 last night and she's not up yet this morning, so here's to hoping it's still down this morning and stays down ALL DAY today!  I know she's tired of being sequestered to the family room.  Ha!

When Mike would get home, I would run out.  You know we would need something from Walmart and I would just happen to run by the LSS or Michael's too ;)  Here are some of the things I picked up.

 First up is from Michael's.  They were having dollar days, which in some cases means multiple dollars for one item.  I picked up a couple of older MME 6x6 paper pads that were 2 for $8, three lovely new Sharpies for $1 each (I love these for my Project Life) and lastly, some AWESOME little bags!  Check those puppies out.  Now they were a WHOPPING $4.99 for the package, and I debated about coming back with a coupon, but I couldn't wait.

 I picked these up from my LSS.  There are different patterns on each large journaling card.  I'm planning on trimming them down to use on cards and in Project Life.  I should have opened the pack for you, so you could see more...  Sorry about that.

 Now this I actually ordered from Ebay.  Our old babysitter has asked me to make some Rolodex birthday calendars and when I made one for my sister, in the past, I remember thinking how much easier it would have been if I would have had the die.  Guess what, Sizzix doesn't make the die anymore.  Ebay to the rescue!  Found one, and picked it for $14.99 with free shipping!

My DESK (if you scroll down in this post there are some decent shots of it,  promise) has cubbies on each side of it.  I picked up two of these bins to try out to see if they will work for my stuff.  They were $3.97 at Walmart, the cheapest I've found for these type of canvas bins.

Now this beauty took forever to find.  My current craft area is in our unfinished basement and I'll soon be moving upstairs to our current family room, which is actually the bonus room above our garage.  The other day, while searching craft rooms on Pinterest I kept coming across these cool three tiered stands and even found THIS TUTORIAL that I LOVED!  I was all about making it this weekend.  I searched high and low, all over town for cheap cake pans.  They don't exist.  You can buy brand new ones though, with a coupon, for around $21-25, depending on how big you want your stand.  That doesn't include the price of your candlesticks, glue or spray paint (which we already had).  I had even tried Home Goods, thinking they might already had a three tiered tray that I liked, it wouldn't be as much fun as making it, but at least I would have one.  No luck.  Late Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in the living room and I realized Hobby Lobby was the place to go.  I checked out their online ad, wire items were 50% off, good sign, and hopped in the car.  Upon my arrival, I found this beauty, regular price $29.99, on sale for $15!!!  No way I could pass that up!

So now, as you can see, I have quite a bit of organizing to do in my area.  I'm hoping to purge and maybe rework the way I have some things situated.  I'm really planning my new room out.  No new furniture, just the layout and such.

Sorry about the long post today :)  Hope you enjoy your Monday.  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see you back here tomorrow!!


  1. Sorry, Abie has been sick!
    It has been a rough January and even school year so far for illnesses.
    Hope she is feeling better!

    Love the baskets!
    And love the colors of your Sharpies.
    I need to invest in more colors!!!

  2. Hope your daughter feels better soon! We were hit with the viral bug at the beginning of the year. Yuck!

    Great finds! I really love that basket. Hobby Lobby is where I found my cupcake rack to hold all of my mists, inks, and paints.

  3. Hope Abie feels better.
    Love the basket and the journaling notes..Cute!

  4. Hope Abie feels better soon. Great finds!

  5. Love MME stuff....I got two 6x6 pads this weekend (not on sale), but I LOVE THEM! Indi Chic - I would so buy 12x12 pads of them if they had them. I cannot wait to see what you do with the 3 tiered wire basket...don't keep us in suspense too long! Hope that Abie is on the downhill slide with the flu...and that the rest of the family is spared!

  6. So jealous you got to shop, it's been so long since I got some new scrapbooking goodies. I think I need to treat myself soon ;)

    Hope your little Abie feels better soon!

  7. Looks like some awesome organizers, hope Abi feels better quickly

  8. Oh no, poor Abie! I hope her fever stayed down today and she is feeling better. This flu is the worst!

    I love all of your new goodies! Especially the wire rack. And the blue/yellow paper pack you got at Michaels. I picked up that same pack (in 12x12) to give each bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding paper to make her a scrapbook! I love the papers and I can't wait to use them to make her page!

    Can't wait to see what you make with it :)

  9. I hope Abie is feeling better. It is no fun being sick, poor girl.
    I love all your goodies :)
    Those bags and journal cards are so fun.
    I like your 3 tier holder. I have seen one with loaf pans.
    Great find :)

  10. Great finds! I love those cool colored sharpies. I'm old enough to remember when you could only get about 4 different colors. Black, blue, green and red. That rolodex die is a great fine. I may have to look for one too. I love that it's clear.

  11. Hope Abie feels better soon, it's no fun being sick. Love your new goodies...really great finds. Have fun organizing, I find it therapeutic and also gets me back in the mood to create again...almost like a fresh start! :)

  12. Hello, I like your Sizzix die, I want to know his name, is like that of Tim Holtz ATC or have other measure? I appreciate that you told me it's called to see if I get it, thank you very much and greetings from Argentina!