Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas gift card holders.

The individual days have flown by this week, so why is it just  now Thursday?  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled it's Thursday, but it should have been Thursday like two days ago ;)

Today I have the gift card/money holders I made this year.  I saw something similar on Pinterest, personally the ones on Pinterest were WAY cuter, but I'm good with  mine too :)

These were super quick and easy to make with my Stampin' Up! Top Note Die.

It took me a second while I was laying them out to make sure I didn't get the reds and greens mixed up.  My eyes were starting to cross.  Haha!  I used Tombow Mono adhesive for these.  I've always had really good luck with that holding and since I just needed a small bead of glue, I figured that was my best bet.

Have you made any gift card holders this year?  Do you have a favorite pattern you use?  I would LOVE for you to share :)

Thanks for stopping by today.  Today is the girls last day of school and their parties, but the weather is not looking the greatest and I'm wondering if school will get cancelled...  We'll see.  I hope you're warm and safe wherever you are and I'll see you back here tomorrow.


  1. this is adorable!! you know i don't give many gift cards-- this year i am not giving any--

  2. Love them! Today is my last day of work until January! Boys have 1 more day of school. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for following back on my blog, Becky. You've made a very pretty blog here. And what a cute idea for a Christmas present.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. I think they look great! Totally agree with you, Thursday should have been days ago.

  5. Those are adorable!
    And I agree! This week is going by incredibly slow!
    But we are done with school tomorrow. Just hoping there is a tomorrow (lol)
    The way people are carrying on about it being the last day and this weather, I am starting to wonder!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. These are adorable!

    This week is going so so slow. I was convinced yesterday was Thursday and today was Friday.

    I hope the weather isn't too bad and the girls can have their Christmas parties at school! I'm personally hoping for snow here. Especially snow that will cancel school tomorrow :)

  7. These are fun! I'm all about simple right now, trying to get last minute stuff done so I can enjoy the the remaining days. Yes, I am definitely warm and safe here in Orlando. LOL But we are getting a real cold front tonight and we'll have lows in the upper 30's. That's cold for us!

  8. These are too cute! I need to make a gift card holder for my mother in law's gift. I think I'm going to use my Slice and do something similar to this.
    Todya was our last day of school and holiday parties too! So weird to have them on Thursday but the kids love it. Hope the weather cooperated and you got yours in!

  9. These are great Becky :) Great colours and love the design.
    I always use the same pattern for mine, I may have to change it up ;)
    I have made 2 that have been shipped off. But I need to make about 10 more, I will post them when I am done.
    But you have probably seen them already, teehee.

  10. They are so cute....and that top note die comes in so handy in so many crafty instances! You did a great job and so much more meaningful that you did them yourself!

  11. So late for WOYWW that I thought it would be better to visit here instead. These gift card holders are absolutely lovely, and such cheerful papers. I love this WOYWW nonsense, so many great things turn up..definitely these are among them. Happy Christmas!

  12. That is such a great yours Becky!! I have a couple of last minute gift cards and cash to give, so I might have to make a couple of holders!!

    I'm following you again, cuz for some reason I don't see your posts on my feeder. :/

    Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!!

    Hugs, Sharla :)

  13. I love how these turned out. Mono multi is the best for things like this-it holds like crazy!