Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Life Week 13 and 14

Okay, this is the last two weeks catching me back up with Project Life.  I worked on these over last weekend as well.

I only had two pictures for this week so in the third slot, I just added a title card.

This was Easter week and I used a Simple Stories insert for the title card and just dressed up my photos with Martha Stewart labels.

Tonight I'm heading to the grocery store and then to get my hair trimmed.  Should be a busy evening!  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow with a fun little gift box!  Have a great day :)


  1. Nice how you can get caught up so quickly! I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow, I think. Still need to make out my list :o) Have an awesome day! Hugs!

  2. Love those Martha Stewart labels!!
    And I love your big title (month) cards!!

  3. The Martha Stewart labels are great and I love how you did the title card when you didn't have a picture!

    Have fun grocery shopping - I just had peapod deliver (about 30 seconds ago!) We are on this new diet, and a lot of the healthier options weren't available at our local store. The delivery is expensive, but it was just so worth not driving to multiple stores to get the items!

  4. Great pages. I really like the "Everyday" paper, so neat.
    Grocery shopping isn't my favourite thing to do. I would rather pump my own gas then get groceries.
    Ohhh we get to see your gift box tomorrow, I can't wait.

  5. Love your pages! Wish I could love my handwriting enough to put it in my album more...I wouldn't be so backed up on my projects! :) Love the simplicity of your album. :)