Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life Week 11, 12 and inserts!

Oh friends, happy Tuesday to you!  I hope today finds you well!  I was able to work on my Project Life over the weekend and get caught up.  That's one of the things I love about this little project, it doesn't take long to get yourself back on track.  I had all of my photos and of course my calendar full of notes and I was caught up to this week in no time!

Here's week 11

This week I tried something different and trimmed down one of my pictures to 3x4.  I don't usually have extra pictures but this one worked out perfect!

Week 12 insert, front side...

Pretty simple, but gets my point across :)

Week 12 insert, back side...

And, week 12

I am still finding myself struggling with the plain-ness of my Project Life as a whole.  I think it's because when I sit down, I just want to get it done and I'm not leaving myself enough time or taking enough time to make it scrappy.  But when I go back and look at the weeks, I'm THRILLED with what I've done and all I'm looking at is the pictures and the stories.  Weird?  :)

Well, that's it for me today.  Thank you for stopping by today and thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday for Abie.  She was thrilled!!!  I'll see you tomorrow!  Have a fantastic Tuesday :)


  1. i think it looks great!!! I am no a month behind- i did not work on it at all this weeekend once again. we worked outside instead. i am going to bring my journaling cards to work this week and attempt to do all my journaling. I need to come up with a new system! we shall see!

  2. Becky, I think your PL looks great as well, but I am always drawn to simple. I think simple is really classic and clean. Always catches my eye!

    Buuut, if you are really wanting to add more, could I suggest waiting until you are done? And then maybe go back through for fun and add little things here and there? That might take some of the pressure off since you are in the "just get it done" phase. I did that with a mini album once. Just did photos and basics. Then went back and embellished. I felt like I was able to relax with it a little more!

    1. Oh and meant to ask. Did you have really crazy weather, thunderstorms and winds? It was insane here!

  3. This is turning out awesome, love it! Hugs!

  4. I think it is turning out great! It is all about the pictures and stories. I agree with Mary, you can always pull it out again if you feel inspired and add some bits here and there. :)

  5. Your project life is looking great! If you think it's plain, you can always go back and add things but at least the most important things are documented.

  6. Great pages. I had great plans for doing a weekly project life book this year. I tend to use mine like a regular scrapbook. Whatever pictures I take, I put them in the book whenever - chronological, of course! Sometimes I do 1/2 double lay out, sometimes a full layout ... depends on how many pictures/stuff I have for that particular event. Works well for me. I caught up on 2 years of pictures in less than 2 months. Heaven!!

  7. I love your project life. I don't think you pages are plain at all.
    It is a lot more fun then mine.
    You have stickers and coloured papers with pattern to them. Smaller pages tucked in amongst the regular sized pages.
    It is fun and colourful.
    Mine are plain and almost all the same. But I still love to go back and look at it.

  8. Love your PL! I know exactly what you mean with the scrappiness factor as I do spend the extra time. But my first PL album in 2009 did not have extras and I love that one just as much as the others. As long as you love it, that is all that matters. As you keep in the groove, just keep scraps and punches nearby and it won't take that much extra time to punch or stamp something and that will make it a bit scrappier. :)

  9. I love your project life! I know what you mean with things being more simple/less scrappy sometimes. Sometimes when I get really far behind, my pages get like that, but even if I'm not super happy at the time I make them, I always love them later :)