Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life Week #10

Hi guys!  Can you believe it's already Thursday?  This week has really flown by here.  I truly had the best night last night, which I needed.  I was feeling so blah yesterday and I took some time for myself yesterday, after work.  I finished my book :)  I think Mike sensed something because he offered to pick the girls up :) and once they got home Abie and went down to the basement and made some cards together!  We had a wonderful dinner and spent some great time together.  It was just an awesome night.

So I have a Project Life update for you.  You know my plan of working on the weeks and then just slipping the pictures in when I got them printed?  Well, week 10 was the last week that I had finished.  Ha!  I had other projects and things I was working on, then my room re-organization and my Project Life got put on hold for a minute.  But I did get my picture picked up this week and am going to get my four weeks caught up this weekend :)  In the meantime, here's week #10

On my title card, that acetate flower was from a stamp set that I bought.  I trimmed it out and stapled it to my card.  I think I might go back and add some labels to my pictures, but not sure...

In other news...  

I picked up the other two colors of washi tape at Target!  I just couldn't resist.  I seriously have used this on all but one of the projects since I bought it.  I figure it's okay because it's different colors and patterns :)

I also picked up these $1 stamps at Michaels and thought they would be great for Project Life!

I have training today for work.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but am going to try and make the best of it :)  Hope you have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. your project life is looking great! i have to admit i am struggling with it right now. i haven't even touched it for 3 weeks. I am taking pictures-- sort of-- when i remember. I just have been sooo busy with other commitments that i am having a tough time. i am going to try to develop my pictures for the last 3 weeks and get recharged! we shall see!!

    oh love the washi and stamps- very cute!!

  2. Your PL page looks awesome! So glad you are keeping up with it. I've done a lot of updating in mine but packed all the fun divided page protector add-ins so haven't been able to update exactly how I want quite yet. I fear that I will have to wait until I find a townhouse and move in and unpack before I can really get it updated. But that's how it goes when you move, right? :)

  3. Your Project life is great! I bet it can be easy to fall behind which is one of my hesitations with starting. I have been loving all the cool things people are making with washi tape. I might have to pick some up soon.

  4. I need one of those time for me days :o) Maybe some day soon ;o) Awesome job on your PL! Hugs!

  5. Nice job on the PL! I also love the goodies you snagged, great colors on the tape!

  6. That does sound like a great night!

    I can imagine it is hard to keep up with project life - I started a calendar where you write down once sentence each day, I'm over a month behind! I love how your PL is turning out! And that Target washi tape!! I definitely agree with the amount you've used it, and the different colors/patterns, it was totally a useful buy!

  7. I love your Project life.
    I see P90x and a pizza, is that like your last junk meal? teehee.
    I have heard that P90 is crazy hard, let me know.
    That washi tape looks like fun. I need a target here :)

  8. Your PL is coming along nicely! Wish I had more time to post my pages. :( I too picked up washi tape from Target...I couldn't resist because of the price. You are going to love's a great workout!