Monday, January 9, 2012

A simple Thank You card.

Oh what a weekend!  More on that in a minute :)  Let me share with you my very simple little thank you card today.

I needed something quick and this is what I came up with.

I stamped the sentiment in eggplant and added a purple rhinestone.  Can't get much easier than that!

Now, on to my weekend.  Saturday we worked on Abie's room all day.  It took five hours to clean that puppy up!  Now that may sound bad, but we cleaned out her closet, her dresser AND the dreaded desk/hutch.  We rearranged her room too and by 9PM Saturday, after hanging her pictures and hooks, her room looked fantastic.  Fast forward to 1:19 AM Sunday.  Abie is up, getting sick.  Off and on all Sunday morning.  Poor thing.  She was laid out all day.  So that meant the constant running of the washing machine and spraying of the Lysol can for Mike and me.  I'm hoping she'll be better today, but waiting until she wakes up to see for sure.  That was one weekend I'm glad is over!  :)

I didn't get a chance to work on my Project Life title page.  Hoping to get to that this week some time.  In fact, didn't get any crafting time in this weekend :(  Mom duty calls sometimes, doesn't it?  What about you?  Did you get any crafting time in, I hope?  Please share so I may live vicariously through you.  Haha!

Have a wonderful Monday and I'll see you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. so clean!!! love it!

    so to hear your little one was not feeling well! hopefully she is on the mend!!

  2. I totally know that really cleaning and organizing a kid's room from top to bottom is an all day process!
    Especially for my son :)

    So sorry Abie is sick!
    Hope she is feeling better today!!

  3. I love the card! That is terrible that Abie was sick, I hope she is feeling better! I didn't get to craft at all either, I was planning on crafting Sunday night, but AJ and I got food poisoning from a pizza we ordered! So no crafting for me :(

  4. Lovely card! So simple and clean. So sorry about Abie. Hope she is feeling better. I have been fighting it myself for a good week now. Got in a little bit of creating when I was rested up. I will email you later with more info on your q! On the nook at lunch with ltd keyboard. Easier to type it up longer response on a keyboard. :)

  5. Poor Abie-hope she's feeling better soon!!

  6. Awwww poor Abie. I hope she is feeling better today. Breaks my heart when they are ill :(
    Sounds like your Saturday was productive :)
    I am now following you on Pinterest :)

  7. Poor Abie! I see she's like me... Wouldn't miss school, she gets sick in the weekend!!

    Talk about a clean and simple card... But it's gorgeous :)