Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paper bag packaging.

I'm having one of those sluggish weeks and I can't believe it's only Wednesday!  I feel like it should be Friday, don't you :) 

So the card I posted yesterday had a few bits that hung over the edges and I was trying to decide how I was going to deliver this to Grandma.  I remembered Michelle Wooderson using these brown paper sacks for just such a thing.  Then I remembered that I bought some of these sacks from her ETSY SHOP months and months ago :)  Silly me!  I bought them and then hadn't used them because I was afraid I would run out and then what would I do?  (duh, order more Becky!  They were like $3, seriously)

I tried to coordinate the outside of the bag with the card, but my reds are off and by the looks of the photo so are my greens :)  BUT in real life the greens are okay.

The post card came from some really cool specialty paper I bought at Urban Arts and Crafts here in KC years and years ago.  They use to be located in the River Market but they aren't there anymore, they moved to Briarcliff which I don't think is nearly as cool :)  Ha! 

I picked Abie up early from school yesterday, the nurse called and said she wasn't running a fever but wasn't feeling well either.  There's a stomach bug running around.  She took it easy all night and we'll see how she is when she gets up this morning, we're going to let her sleep in a bit :)  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping in to see me today.  Talk to you soon!


  1. oh i hope you little one feels better--nothing worse than when your babies are sick!

    great brown sak! i love it. i never thought of doing that!

  2. I hope Abie feels better! I love the idea of putting the card in a brown bag! And I love the postcard you used to decorate it!

  3. What a great idea-putting a card in a bag. And they look so nice together, perfect!
    Hope your girl feels better soon!

  4. Hope Abie is her awesome self tomorrow...but still gets to sleep in ;)
    Such a neat way to send your card. Love that post card on the front.