Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another manly card and a clean pic of my new goodies :)

You know what I love about Thursday?  It's the day before Friday which means it's like weekend eve!  I always seem to be in a good mood on Thursday and I think that is why :)

Today I want to share with you a card I made for my Dad.  He surprised me last week at work and took me out to lunch so I made this card for him to say thanks.  It was nice for it to just be the two of us, always seems like the kids or other family is around anymore :)  My Dad is the coolest and I loved getting to have lunch with him.

I used just a bit of October Afternoon Boarding Pass paper and stamped my sentiment with some of my favorite Zing embossing powder.  That stamp was a $1 stamp from Michaels and actually says "you're the best dad ever" but I just inked it up with my Versamark pad and then used some tape to cover up the part I DIDN'T want to show on my card.  I love using this trick!

I tied some of my dyed twill around the base and added some FABULOUS wooden buttons, also picked up at Michaels in the, now, $1.50 section.  I LOVE them!!!!  A pretty simple card, but it gets the point across :)

Yesterday I shared my workdesk and I had my new goodies from Two Peas all spread out.  I thought I would share pictures today of my goodies before they got all messed up :) so you can see what I bought.

I picked up my FIRST, I know how late to the game am I, set of Lawn Fawn stamps.  I'm in *love* with this alpha!  I think I'm going to use it on everything.  It's easy to color in, easy to cut, easy everything.  Such a great purchase!  (only $14.99 people!!!!)  Quinn's Alphabet in case you want to pick it up, and the letters are around an inch tall.

Then I also picked up some of October Afternoon's Sidewalk collection.  What I like to call "the staples" :)  1) an 8x8 paper pad, 2) a sheet of word stickers, 3) a sheet of label stickers and 4) miscellany.  I usually only buy one sheet of stickers but I couldn't decide between these two and since they were BOTH in stock (that's usually how I make my decision) I picked up both.  Besides, at around $2 each, why wouldn't I?  I was a little worried the colors would be too springy, but after working with them just a bit, I think they'll be fine for some things I'm working on right now.

Be sure to stop in tomorrow, I have a super awesome project I've been working on using BOTH Sidewalks and Quinn's Alpha!  Thanks for coming by today, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your comments.  They really are what keeps me going!  I hope you all have a wonderful "weekend eve"!  See you tomorrow!


  1. What a fantastic card, I really love it. Those buttons are too cute!! Great to see your purchases, I'm yet to get any Lawn Fawn but they are on my Christmas list!! Becky x

  2. Great card-love what you did to get the sentiment that you wanted. Have fun with your new goodies.

  3. Very cute card and some fabulous new goodies!!! My Mike's still has $1 items, but they have several $2 items now, too! LOL!

  4. Great card. Enjoy your new goodies

  5. Love the man card. And I ummm....don't have any Lawn Fawn yet either. Hmmnnnn....I think I need that alpha. Adorable.

  6. I love that card, and the very sweet story behind it! Lawn Fawn is one of my favorites, that alphabet is on my Christmas list :)

    Thursday as weekend eve is awesome, I'm going to start using that!

  7. Happy weekend eve!
    Love the card! I haven't seen those stamps them!

  8. Ohhh how sweet of your dad to surprise you with some one on one time. Warmed my heart reading that :)
    As for your card, It is perfect for a manly card.
    Nice goodies, looking forward to seeing your creative projects with your treasures.

  9. Lovely card, what a great guy your dad must be! I got my Two Peas order this week, too. I got the same OA as you did!

  10. That's a really great masculine card! Love it! :)