Thursday, September 8, 2011

A blog award!

Gotta love a short week, right?  Thursday already my friends!  I can't believe how busy we've been this week, I have so many things I want to get started on, crafty wise, and I just can't seem to get my time management in check.  Ha!

Yesterday I got a blog award from my friend TRACY.  If you haven't been to her blog before, GO NOW!  She is so creative :)  She's been on a Copic kick lately and her coloring is amazing!  Then, there's her mini  The detail she puts into them blows me away!  Oh, and you can't talk about Tracy and not mention her family, she LUUUUUUVS her girls and her hubby more than anything :)  Oh yeah, and she's the funniest little thing ever!  :)  Thanks so much for the award Tracy!  You're the best!

Now along with this award, I have to answer some questions.  Here we go!

Q1)  Name your favorite color


Q2)  Name your favorite song

Right now...Party Rock Anthem or Pumped up Kicks

Q3)  Name your favorite dessert

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing

Q4)  What wizzes you off at the moment

Seriously, how can anything make you mad when you read the word wizzes?  :)  There's really not a whole lot that makes me mad.  At least not anything I can think of right at the moment.

Q5)  Your favorite pet

That would have to be Murray, our half lab half St. Bernard :)

Q6)  Black or White

Black, it's more sophisticated.  Ha!

Q7)  Your biggest fear

Something happening to Mike

Q8)  Best feature

My winning personality :)

Q9)  Everyday attitude

Have you ever read The Secret?  :)

Q10)  What is perfection

This last weekend was perfection

Q11)  Guilty pleasure

TWO cups of coffee in one day!

Q12)  When you're upset you

Call Mike, or my mom, or my sister

Okay, now I have to pass this along to some crafty friends!  Check out these blogs if you get a chance, these are some amazing and talented ladies!!


Well, that's it for me today.  Thanks so much for stopping by today and I'll see you back here tomorrow!  Have a GREAT day today!


  1. i didn't know you had a dog--love it--plus half st fernard--is he huge? we are looking to get a new dog come spring! can't wait

    thanks for the award!

  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations on your award Becky! your PS for Caleb, made me laugh :0) Hugs!

  3. You so deserve this award my friend.
    As for what you wrote about my, I have a tear in my eye and giggling at the same time.
    I think I may copy this out and frame it :)
    LOL, "funniest little thing" you are too funny.

  4. Congrats on your blog award, and thank you for the honor of passing it on to me! So very nice of you!